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Student Feature - Haley Hundley

Jan. 26, 2018

For many students, Greek life is an excellent way to serve the community and develop strong friendships. For senior Haley Hundley, however, her sorority became a prime way for her to actively engage with the Baylor and Waco communities. Haley participated in numerous leadership roles where she used her sales skills to market and connect the chapter to outside opportunities. On top of that, Haley balanced extracurricular commitments with her busy academic schedule, resulting from pursuit of a double major.

In much the same way, Haley found the ProSales program to be an excellent place to serve her fellow students. Events like Top Gun and golf outings allowed her to engage with others while developing valuable professional skills. Ultimately, Haley credits the ProSales program with teaching her how to manage her time wisely in a professional setting.

Following graduation, Haley looks forward to beginning her sales career with Oracle.

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