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Student Feature - Colby Goldberg

Dec. 15, 2017

For senior Colby Goldberg, time outdoors is time well spent. Growing up in Colorado, outdoors activity defines her life – an ideal day includes skiing, hiking, trail running, and camping. On top of that, Colby was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader in high school and won multiple state, regional, and national championships before joining Baylor Club gymnastics.

Colby describes herself as outgoing – one who always has a smile on her face and a friendly greeting. Her joy comes from her faith and she seeks to love others in the same way God loves her. From the ProSales program, Colby learned how to be more confident and resilient while developing perseverance to press on even in difficult situations.

Colby completed an internship with Owens Corning and looks forward to working with Owens Corning full time upon graduation, where she'll continue building her skills.

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