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Baylor ProSales Student Appreciates Big Picture of Community Involvement Through Miss Waco Pageant

Feb. 3, 2014

Miss Waco Pageant


Kelsey Mann (right) with Holly Tucker

Showcasing the diversity and talent of Baylor University's ProSales students, Kelsey Mann participated in the Miss Waco Pageant earlier this month at the Midway Performing Arts Center.

Mann, a junior ProSales student from San Antonio, TX, joined the pageant community three years ago on a whim. Since then, she's had fun interacting with other contestants and building everlasting friendships.

In the process, she got to meet Holly Tucker, a finalist from The Voice and a current Baylor student. "Holly Tucker is an inspiration. She's living out her dream and serving The Lord every step of the way," said Mann.

Competing in pageants means a tremendous amount to Mann. "For me, getting to compete in pageants is a way to further my outreach for my platform Speak Up: Promoting a Confident Lifestyle. It also helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle," said Mann. "I am very involved throughout the Waco Community and I love that we have a title (i.e. Miss Waco). Waco is a community where many kids need a good role model and this pageant is a great platform to show people what Waco has to offer."

Mann is eager to compete again next year. She's excited about the preparation and getting a good arm workout by teasing her hair to "Texas Standards."

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