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Baylor ProSales Graduate Moves Up Ranks at 3M

Jan. 21, 2014

Gui Julio


In less than two years since graduation, Gui Julio, a 2012 graduate of Baylor University's ProSales program, has been promoted to handle accounts for a significant geographic area at 3M, a global leader in innovation with operations in over 70 countries around the world.

Julio, a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil who grew up in Austin, TX, is now responsible for 3M Commercial Graphics sales for North Texas (including the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro area), Arkansas and Oklahoma. "I will be accountable for growing a three-tier business model aimed at new customers, current customers and cross-functional organizations," said Julio.

Julio contributes his rapid success to the skills he learned at Baylor. "The ProSales curriculum laid the ground work for understanding the sales process. Each company has their own sales training process and style, and ProSales allowed me to understand each process and interchange those processes to create a more personalized customer experience for individual customers," said Julio. "Baylor's ProSales also taught me how to conduct myself more professionally, which goes a long way."

Julio also attributes this new and exciting opportunity to his hard work and dedication at 3M since graduation. "This opportunity means that the time investment I put into this career is starting to pay off," said Julio. He has exceeded his sales quota by almost 25 percent and took the initiative to plan and execute growth strategies for his division while staying focused on creating value for 3M customers.

"Gui has been a fast study learning our marketplace, business, and product line. His ability to quickly build customer relationships, coupled with his strong work ethic, made him an ideal candidate to assume this role of increased responsibility," said Bryce Schaefer, Julio's supervisor and Area Business Manager for the Western Region of the US for 3M's Commercial Graphics Division.

Having an internship during the summer is a requirement for Baylor ProSales students and that is where Julio's relationship with Schaefer began. Julio was a 3M Frontline intern under Schaefer's supervision during the summer of 2011.

Since then, "Gui has been a great addition to 3M and my team, and I see a bright future for him in the company," said Schaefer.

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