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Student Feature - Austin Greene
Austin Greene’s desire to learn led him to triple major in ProSales, Entrepreneurship and International Business. He wants to be as knowledgeable as possible in order to help others.

Student Feature - Whitney Johnson
Whitney Johnson transferred to Baylor her sophomore year and became quickly involved in the clubs and activities that would enable her growth as a future business professional.

Student Feature - Abby Haan
For Abby Haan, each day holds new opportunities to learn and to grow in knowledge, skills and abilities and her faith.

Abby Haan Wins the Sales Education Foundation Scholarship for Female Sales Students
The Sales Education Foundation (SEF)’s Barbara Giamanco Memorial Scholarship Committee selected Abby Haan for their 2020-2021 scholarship. Applicants for this scholarship must be female students enrolled in the study of Professional Selling, where the awards committee expressed particular interest in U.S. students who have completed two sales courses, competed in a sales competition, and participated in a sales club.

Student Feature - Daniel Deian
Passionate about music and fitness, Daniel Deian plays six instruments (piano, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, drums and bass) and is a certified master scuba diver, logging over 40 dives.

Student Feature - Carter Burns
Carter is a modern renaissance man. This desire to achieve extends beyond his hobbies to other aspects of Carter’s life.

Student Feature - Kathryn Fuller
For Kathryn Fuller, there is nothing better than stepping out at McLane Stadium and cheering on the Baylor Bears. Dancing since she was 3 years old and now a Baylor Songleader, Kathryn is fulfilled when motivating and encouraging others to reach their potential.

Student Feature - Zach Arthur
Zach Arthur is the youngest of four and truly values and appreciates the perspectives his older siblings have given him. For Zach, it is important to seek out mentors who are more advanced -- in age, experience, spirituality or success in order to better understand yourself.

Fall 2020 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach: Victoria Whitworth
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling (ProSales) is pleased to announce that Victoria Whitworth is the Fall 2020 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach. ProSales sponsors student involvement in four internal and six external sales competitions each year.

Student Feature - Clay Almond
Clay Almond approaches life with a positive attitude, recognizing that your attitude is one of the few things you can control.

BBEC Sales Competition Winners Announced
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling is excited to announce the winners for the Baylor Business Ethics Competition (BBEC), a ProSales program-specific competition designed to challenge ProSales students with ethical dilemmas evident in real sales organizations.

Student Feature - Madi Butler
Madi Butler is a strong, kind and determined leader. She is passionate about others and the impact she can have on them.

Baylor ProSales Takes #2 Team in Wisconsin!
The Baylor sales team participated in the Great Northwoods Sales Warmup at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (GNW). We received the final standings for the competition and are pleased to announce that the Baylor sales team took 2nd place out of a field of 22 teams.

Student Feature - Hayes Alley
Hayes Alley is truly passionate about connecting with others because he likes to leverage connections and find ways to care for others.

Baylor ProSales Competes in Colorado, Indiana and Wisconsin!
Please join me in congratulating our Baylor sales teams who participated in three sales competitions last week: (1) Rocky Mountain Invitational at MSU-Denver (RMI), (2) Indiana University National Team Selling Competition (NTSC), and (3) Great Northwoods Sales Warmup at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (GNW).

Student Feature - Megan Baniewicz
Megan Baniewicz knows the power that words can have. She strives to be authentic in who she is and what she says and does.

Student Feature - Marco Rodriguez
Growing up in a single-parent, immigrant household, dealing with culture shock and balancing a packed schedule are just some of the obstacles Marco Rodriguez has overcome during his Baylor journey.

Student Feature - Charlie Doebbler
A double major in ProSales and Marketing, Charlie Doebbler has taken his learning out of the classroom by starting a company with a few business partners.

Student Feature - Victoria Whitworth
Victoria Whitworth grew up watching Korean movies which is where her mother was born. Victoria was mesmerised by the actors performing martial arts and soon began a career in taekwondo.

Student Feature - Connor Stanton
Double majoring in ProSales and Entrepreneurship, Connor Stanton has already put his learning to the test by establishing two LLCs.

Student Feature - Logan Smith
Logan Smith views her work as a reflection of herself and her personal calling to serve God. Taking inspiration from Galatians 5:13 which calls Christians to serve one another in humility and love, she is reminded that even a small act can have great impact.

BBBD Sales Competition Winners Announced
After completing a virtual Fall Top Gun Training program, Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling engaged ProSales students in the Baylor Business Business Development (BBBD) competition, a virtual experiential learning exercise focused on the pre-call planning and business development steps of the sales process.

Student Coach of the Year: Dillon Fontaine
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling sponsors student involvement in 4 internal and 5-6 external sales competitions each year. In addition to competing, ProSales students serve as student coaches for competitions. Using a student coach strategy provides rich learning opportunities for both student competitors and student coaches, while building student-peer relationships and the collaborative ProSales culture. The ProSales program is pleased to announce that Dillon Fontaine is the 2019-2020 Student Coach of the Year.

Dr. Andrea L. Dixon is Honored as Baylor's Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year
Andrea L. Dixon, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing and executive director of the Center for Professional Selling in the Hankamer School of Business, has been named Baylor University’s 2020 Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year.

BBVA Sales Competition Winners Announced
Baylor Center for Professional Selling recently held their Baylor Business Value Analysis (BBVA) competition, where students completed a value analysis delivered via video.

Student Feature - Joshua Lively
A workout enthusiast, Joshua is an expert at facing challenges. In his workouts, he must be disciplined and push through tough routines.

Student Feature - Micaela Brewer
Micaela is committed to serving others and creating a positive impact. The past two summers, Micaela served on mission teams in Zambia, Africa.

Student Feature - Travis Scheibmeir
Travis is very passionate about sports and outdoor activities. This enthusiasm for competitive sports carries over into his work, giving Travis a strong drive to win -- to achieve the best results.

Student Feature - Logan Hardin
Logan strives to bring a positive perspective to everything his does. He is known around campus for being friendly and possessing a strong work ethic.

Baylor's Victoria Whitworth Takes 1st Place at UTISC Competition
Baylor took home a 1st place finish over the weekend from the University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC). Sales teams from 39 universities participated in this competition which showcases junior- and sophomore-level talent.

Student Feature - Austin Owens
Austin is resilient, driven to do whatever it takes to accomplish his dreams. In his leisure time, he enjoys fly fishing (fresh & saltwater), hunting, snowboarding, beaches, and being with friends.

Student Feature - Lansden Schmidt
Here’s a fun fact: Lansden loves baseball so much, he’s visited almost half of the MLB stadiums in the country. He also loves adventure, and for his 18th birthday went skydiving. In addition to sports and adrenaline, Lansden is focused on serving.

Student Feature - Gabby Jackson
When she was just 13 years old, Gabby was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts. As a second-degree black belt, she learned to step out of her comfort zone and not be afraid to be a leader.

BBSO Sales Competition Winners Announced
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling recently held their Baylor Business Selling Outside (BBSO) competition, which is designed to engage students in a realistic sales situation where they meet live with a business executive for a 20-minute sales encounter.

Baylor’s Dr. Stephanie Mangus to Address International Audience at Sales Educators Academy
The Sales Educators Academy (SEA) will hold the 9th annual academy at Ashton Business School in Birmingham, United Kingdom on June 16-18, 2020.

Student Feature - Chris Nunn
If there’s ever been a go-getter, it’s Chris. He plays 5 instruments (guitar, piano, drums, bass, and ukulele), and spent a year singing with the Baylor Men’s Choir.

Student Feature - Lauren Hills
Since she learned to water ski at age 3, Lauren has always been determined to excel in anything she does. In addition to skiing, she also enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, and running with friends.

Student Feature - Carson Eckerty
Whether spending time in the mountains or wakeboarding on the lake, Carson has a taste for adventure. He loves to test his own limits and looks at every opportunity to find the challenge that can be overcome.

Student Feature - Ashton Peckinpah
Ashton is competitive and highly engaged. When she was younger, she began ski racing (snow skiing). In high school, she qualified for the Junior Olympic Ski Racing team.

Student Feature - CJ Lemanski
CJ has already moved 9 times in his life. He has lived in Michigan, Africa, and now in Texas. Through these experiences, he has learned to be adaptable.

Student Feature - Megan Bain
Megan Bain is, without a doubt, ambitious. A competitive wakeboarder who has won two collegiate competitions, Megan is heavily involved with the wakeboarding team at Baylor.

Student Feature - Jeremy Chang
In order to truly understand and connect with others, you have to first listen. Musicians and those fluent in multiple languages are especially adept at listening well.

Student Feature - Anderson Harris
Prior to her Baylor experience, Anderson played golf competitively for 7 years. This experience taught her to be disciplined, patient, and focused.

Student Feature - John Davis
Last summer, John Davis went to Israel. While many students would have been excited about sightseeing, John’s favorite part of the trip was shooting footage that he used to make a travel video.

Student Feature - Haley Otts
Haley is committed to excellence. When she’s not working hard, Haley loves an adrenaline rush. She especially loves skydiving, roller coasters, and rock climbing.

Student Feature - Clark Parr
Pursuing excellence is Clark’s goal in both his personal and professional lives. Even when facing adversity, Clark strives to persist and create an opportunity for excellence.

Student Feature - Emily Mertens
If there’s one word to describe Emily, it’s fearless. She has a strong desire to try new things, meet new people, and challenge herself in anything she does.

Baylor Sales at the top of Indiana University's National Team Selling Competition
At the National Team Selling Competition hosted by Indiana University, Baylor University’s sales team, represented by Micaela Brewer, Darlene Duncan, Lauren Hills, and Saylor Yoos, placed 2nd out of 24 teams. The Baylor ProSales team was coached by Dr. Stephanie Mangus, along with student coaches Daevin Garcia, Clark Parr, and Austin Owens.

Student Feature - Abraham Lipets
As a first-generation American, Abraham is determined to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He is a Professional Selling major and is Vice President of New Member Development for the IFC board.

Top Finishers of BBEC Sales Competition Announced
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling is excited to announce the finalists for the Baylor Business Ethics Competition (BBEC), a ProSales program-specific competition designed to challenge ProSales students with ethical dilemmas evident in real sales organizations.

Student Feature - Kaitlyn Ragsdale
Originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Kaitlyn is the first in her family to move away and attend an out-of-state college. As a sales associate at Apricot Lane, Kaitlyn enjoys meeting new people and helping them feel more confident about themselves.

Student Feature - Daevin Garcia
Daevin strives to look at the world with optimism every day. Because life can often be filled with negatives, Daevin is committed to finding the positive aspects of every situation.

Student Feature - Aimee Walters
Born in Alaska, Aimee had attended 16 different schools by the time she finished high school. She has lived in many different places including Colorado, Oklahoma, and Scotland.

Student Feature - Josh Rocconi
After transferring to a small, Christian school for his sophomore year of high school, Josh went from playing quarterback at a Division 1 school to attending a school that did not even have a football team.

Student Feature - Laurel Foster
After spending her freshman year at the University of Arkansas, Laurel transferred to Baylor. When she first arrived on campus, Laurel was fearful of rejection, always worried to hear the word “no.”

Top Finishers of BBBD Sales Competition Announced
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling initiated the academic year with the Baylor Business Business Development (BBBD) competition, which is an experiential learning exercise focused on the pre-call planning and business development steps of the sales process. The competition engaged 70 competitors who established strategies for contacting prospective buyers and initiating contact with these buyers via telephone and email. Their goal in the process was to obtain a face-to-face meeting.

Student Feature - Connor Kempston
Connor has been bodybuilding since the age of 14. In 2018, he became a physique competitor, a goal he had been working towards for years.

Student Feature - Darlene Duncan
Darlene knows that discipline is key to achieving excellence. A lifelong violin and piano player, she has put in more than 12,000 hours of practice time to develop her musical expertise.

Student Feature - Tyler Skelton
Tyler is dedicated to finding common ground with everyone he meets. The reason? Finding commonality helps him build unique relationships.

Student Feature - Saylor Yoos
What sets Saylor apart is her pursuit of positivity. She maintains a joyful outlook and strives to encourage others in all circumstances.

Student Feature - Collin Short
Some people are passionate about work, others about family, and still others are passionate about things like handcrafted lattes. Collin is passionate about it all.

Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling Named a Top University for Professional Sales Education
The Sales Education Foundation (SEF) has announced the release of their 2019 list of Top University Sales Programs, highlighting Baylor University’s Center for Professional Selling as one of the top programs preparing students for professional selling careers...

Sales Professor Mangus Receives Excellence in Teaching Award
Stephanie Mangus, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Marketing in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, received the 2019 Excellence in Teaching Award from the American Marketing Association Sales SIG.

ProSales Team Wins 3rd Place at the 21st Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition
A ProSales team from the Hankamer School of Business won 3rd place at the 21st Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University on April 1. The Baylor team competed against 72 universities and 144 students.

Student Feature - Jian Ying
Jian possesses a global mindset. An international student, Jian was featured as a student representative in the 2018 Baylor Global Recruiting Video.

Brianna Hensley Receives Outstanding Staff Award from Baylor University
Brianna Hensley, Program Manager for the Center for Professional Selling, received the Baylor University Outstanding Staff Award at the March Staff Forum.

What a Win -- Dinner with Coach Mulkey
When Doug Dixon bid last fall on an item in the ProSales Silent Auction, “Dinner with Coach Mulkey,” he had no idea what might transpire during the 2018-19 basketball season.

Student Feature - Paris Cabrera
When she’s not at school, you might find Paris at a car show, running her dairy farm, or meeting up with friends. Her dynamic personality and unique background set her apart.

Student Feature - Ben Christie
Ben has an Apiary license for beekeeping, has been to Antarctica, and has caught every species of fish located in the Eastern half of the United States. Ben holds leadership positions with YoungLife, in a lifegroup at church, and as a Community Leader in a Baylor athletic dorm.

Baylor Sales Team Takes 3rd place (out of 72 Universities) in the NCSC!
We are excited to announce that Baylor University’s sales team took the 3rd place team finish over the weekend at the 21st Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University.

Top Finishers of BBVA Sales Competition Announced
We are excited to announce the top finishers of the Baylor Business Value Analysis (BBVA) competition, where students completed a value analysis and presented the value proposition in a five-minute video.

Student Feature - Collin Causey
Collin is passionate about caring. When we think of caring, we usually think of those who take time to invest in others, acting to encourage and helping others succeed.

Student Feature - Madeline Senter
When she is determined, Madeline will find a way to accomplish her goals. Recently, she began learning to play the harmonica. Madeline hopes to one day be proficient enough to “casually play by the campfire” with her friends.

Student Feature - Stephen Calcote
Stephen is a modern renaissance man, proficient at playing twenty- five musical instruments, ranging from the mandolin to piano. Stephen also plays tennis, runs cross-country, and has completed triathlons.

Student Feature - Colton Wiseman
Colton loves to make people smile. He describes himself as an entertainer, and says he is always striving to bring joy to others. One way he does this is through his longboard business.

Baylor Sales Team Takes 1st Place Overall at the Challenger Sales Institute Competition
Baylor took the 1st place team finish over the weekend at the Challenger Sales Institute competition in Oklahoma City (CSI). Student teams from 10 universities participated in this competition involving five different competitive events.

Student Feature - Juliana Arrington
It’s obvious that Juliana loves people (and animals!). She loves traveling to experience new cultures, try new things, and of course, meet new people.

Baylor's Connor Kempston Takes 1st Place at UTISC Competition
Baylor took home a 1st place finish over the weekend from the University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC).

Student Feature - Jake Regan
Jake Regan is quite well rounded. He earned a black belt in Taekwondo, logged more than fifty hours of pilot time in a Cessna 172, visited all 50 states, Germany and the Czech Republic, and snorkeled and dove at North America’s only coral reef.

Student Feature - Brody Hill
Brody is all about helping others. Doing missions work in Costa Rica and across Spain broadened his perspective of the world and sparked his desire to uplift those around him.

BBSO Sales Competition Winners Announced
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling recently held their Baylor Business Selling Outside (BBSO) competition, which is designed to engage students in a realistic sales situation where they meet live with a business executive for a 20-minute sales encounter.

Student Feature - Bailey Eastman
Every day Bailey writes down five things for which she is thankful. She has kept this gratitude journal for four years now and says that this habit is responsible for her positive attitude.

Student Feature - Bradley Baniewicz
As the middle child and the only boy in a family of five children, Bradley learned early on how to be adaptable, and therefore effective, in a variety of situations. Bradley also values teamwork; as an athlete in high school, he learned that being a supportive teammate contributes to the success of the team.

Student Feature - Natalie Goodwin
Natalie loves to see the world, to travel, and to experience new cultures. She credits experiencing other cultures with teaching her empathy.

Student Feature - Nicholas Garza
Nicholas is always on a mission, always pursuing a specific goal. When he reaches one, he sets another. Some of his goals have included building more relationships, expanding his network, working out, and healthy eating.

Student Feature - Tucker Behrhorst
Tucker loves people and he loves being outside. He is passionate about building relationships with family and friends. Tucker also loves the great outdoors.

Baylor ProSales Alum Featured on Baylor Donors’ Christmas Card
As a Baylor ProSales and Business Fellows major, Ryan Snitzer excelled in his coursework, in starting a business, and in his relationships. It’s no surprise that his benefactors enjoyed a relationship with Ryan as well…

Baylor is 1 of 23 Universities (Nationwide) and 1 of 2 Universities (in Texas) to Get an A
The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) conducts research designed to enhance higher education nationally, with a focus on academic freedom, academic excellence, and accountability. One of ACTA’s areas of research explores “a school’s commitment to teaching essential knowledge and skills—including academic areas like expository writing, US history, natural science and mathematics” (ACTA’s What Will They Learn

Student Feature - Susan Sullivan
Chi Omega, Susan’s fraternity, has a symphony which is the statement of what they stand for. Her favorite line from this symphony reads “to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to choose thoughtfully that course which occasion and conscience demand.”

Student Feature - Scott Thomson
Scott wants everyone with whom he has a conversation to walk away feeling better about themselves. A people person, Scott always tries to make others feel more comfortable.

Student Feature - Johana Favela
Johana’s family moved around a bit when she was younger. Specifically, they moved to Mexico for ten years and then moved back to Texas. Johana remembers what it was like to struggle with the language, to feel like she did not have a voice.

Baylor Student Places 1st at RBI National Sales Challenge
Baylor Professional Selling (ProSales) students Alex Justus, Ashton Peckinpah, Lansden Schmidt and Victoria Whitworth represented Baylor at the Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Challenge, hosted by William Paterson University, on November 14-17, 2018.

Student Feature - Jacob Todd
Jacob is no stranger to competition. He was the captain of his football team in high school and enjoys competitive hobbies like skiing. Jacob loves winning and is always challenging himself to improve.

Daily “thanks” hold more potential, expert says
Automatic behaviors college students fall into — monotone “thanks” for a door held open or a groan when a professor challenges a class — can harm individuals’ capability for making genuine interpersonal connections, according to Dr. Andrea Dixon, associate professor of marketing and executive director of the Center for Professional Selling.

Student Feature - Emily McCandlish
If there’s one phrase to describe Emily McCandlish, it’s all-out. Emily’s commitment and enthusiasm are evident in all she does. This dedication to excellence was demonstrated in her role as a Community Leader, and she was was recognized as Community Leader of the Year in 2018.

Student Feature - Anthony Colesante
Anthony is an expert multitasker and has strong time management skills. In addition to being a ProSales major, he is also pursuing a major in Management Information Systems.

Grant Cardone Releases Video of His Baylor Visit
Grant Cardone addressed over 500 students at Baylor during his recent visit and just released the following video…

Student Feature - Madison Floyd
Madison says that the ProSales program has taught her that going the extra mile is always worthwhile. Her commitment to going the distance is evident in her work at Baylor and beyond.

Student Feature - Alex Justus
Alex is driven to make a positive impact everywhere he goes. As a minor in Leadership Studies, Alex has been able to make a positive impact at Baylor through his leadership of several team-based projects and in his role as Treasurer of the student body.

Number-One Sales Trainer in the World Share Tips with Students
Number-one sales trainer in the World Grant Cardone enlightened an audience of Baylor students with his talk “How to Build a 10X Career Outcome” at Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation Wednesday evening.

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