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Celeste Hughes

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Holding a BS in Finance and Economics from the University of Minnesota, Celeste Hughes has had multiple successful careers with 3M. During her tenure with the Fortune 100 company, she has been involved in customer service, key account relationship management, internal audit, and electronic business management. She has led the Process Improvement Program with 3M customers, served as a Technology Business Consultant, and held several Sales and Marketing Operations managerial roles.

In her current role, Celeste drives the Frontline Program where she manages the internship programs for sales, marketing and business analytics roles. Frontline manages the hiring, training, and supporting partner universities, as well as managing expectation and demand around the program within 3M.

Celeste is proud to have been able to grow her career at 3M while experiencing more than five very different career paths. “There were challenges and changes that I could not have built on if I had changed companies. My time at 3M has allowed me a diverse background that has formed who I am today.”

Outside of work, Celeste has been involved with LifeSource, a non-profit organization promoting organ donation education and awareness. During her time partnering with this organization she help to raise well over a million dollars towards organ donation awareness. Celeste also places a strong focus on learning and growing in her faith. She does this by being active in Bible Studies at her church as both a participant and a leader.

In advice to ProSales students, “Challenge yourself to learn and better yourself. Failure is not failure if you learn from it and strive to do better the next time.”

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