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Baylor's Center for Professional Selling recognizes that corporate engagement is integral to its strategic direction. To remain closely-tied to industry, we systematically engage with the business community for input and insights concerning the professional development of our students. Through an intentional, three-tiered Board approach, our students remain at the forefront of current industry knowledge as they prepare for successful sales careers.

Trustee Board

The Center's Trustee Board is comprised of select Corporate Partners who invest a significant amount of time and financial resources into the Center for Professional Selling. Trustee Board Members are involved in high-level strategic discussions about the future and direction of the Center, provide input on curriculum, and help guide our approach to our students' professional development.

Advisory Board

The Center's Advisory Board is comprised of individuals with diverse and impressive educations and sales experience. Advisory Board Members support the Center for Professional Selling by providing their time, input, and financial support. Advisory Board Members review the Center's strategies and help guide students through the internship and career process.

Ambassador Board

The Center's Ambassador Board is comprised of individuals who support the Center's work financially and by serving as a mentor to a student.

Mentoring Moments

"My mentor Joseph and I were talking and I was getting nervous about an upcoming role play. Joseph reassured me by saying, 'You're going to do great. The most important thing is to stay relaxed and have fun because that's what it's all about.' That really helped to relax me and I went in there, had fun, and had a successful role play."

Sam Azide
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor, Bob Custer, helped me truly get a grip on what to expect and look forward to in a career in sales. Additionally, Mr. Custer encouraged me to seek-out first-hand experiences that will help me grow as a businessperson and understand which industry stands out to me."

Collin Brence
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor is Eric Prevatte. Eric and I have phone calls every Wednesday afternoon to discuss ProSales and other events going on in my life. It truly has been a testament to the community created through the Professional Selling Program - someone who I have never met in person has been so willing to invest into my life and career. I have learned a lot through Eric about what will be expected of me as a ProSales student. Eric's dedication to my success has helped me learn that there is so much more to this program than just what goes on in the classroom."

Pearson Brown
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor really gave me a better idea for what it is like to enter a new city. Specifically how you have to be proactive in your approach in engaging community and making friends in a new city instead of being reactive."

Simeon Brown
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor has given me great advice on how to effectively answer interview questions. This advice has been invaluable to me this past semester, and I am so thankful I had her as a resource to assist me in my career development."

Lauren Fender
Professional Selling Major

"Mr. Kyle shared much of his professional knowledge and experience with me. My favorite piece of advice he shared with me was to not just look to land a job out of college, but to find a position where I could see myself working five-to-ten years from now. I have taken his advice with me into every interview I have been to and will continue to do so in the future."

Cole Hansen
Professional Selling Major

"I am grateful that I was afforded to opportunity to work with Warren Burt as my mentor. As a recent Baylor ProSales grad, Warren is able to offer valuable insight into the program and what it requires to be successful. I appreciate all the insight he is able to offer me, not only pertaining to the ProSales program, but also real life scenarios such as tips for job shadows, interviews, and how to be successful in the sales world."

Taylor Jackson
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor and I have formed a lasting relationship that I will cherish long into my career. He has given me critical feedback on my role play videos, assisted me in my job search, and helped me position my personal brand for the market. Not only that, but my mentor has given me a safe place to talk about my hurdles in life. I am truly appreciative of what my mentor has done for me."

Robert McCandlish
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor, Madeline Giering, helped me significantly in my preparation for the BBSO. Maddie called me at 10:30PM on a Thursday night to coach me. She wanted to get that extra practice in with me in order for me to do well in the BBSO. That really meant a lot."

Breanna Mutzig
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor, Rob Broomham, helped me learn to prioritize my time and obligations in a semester filled with interviews, 18 hours of classes, and several organization obligations. His direction and encouragement not only helped me successfully complete last semester, but has also pushed me to focus on professional development and academics this semester."

Olivia Offringa
Professional Selling Major

"When I first was introduced to my mentor, he was warm and welcoming, exactly what you would expect from a sales mentor. He gave me excellent advice, but most importantly he taught me to be myself."

Emily Reder
Professional Selling Major

"My mentor and I had been trying to schedule a meeting for some time, when she happened to be at BBSO judging. Naturally, I was nervous for the competition, but she was very relaxed, and gave me some advice for the competition. She definitely helped because I ended up in 7th place."

Erin Robason
Professional Selling Major

"My mentoring situation has been very rewarding. My mentor is Robert Howard, who works at Oracle. Because he was a recent Baylor graduate he has helped me learn how to contact companies and what type of follow up companies look to see in the technology sector. I was also able to help discern what type of industry I want to work in."

Luke Thompson
Professional Selling Major

"The first time I met Mr. McDaniel was at a Whataburger. Our first, laid-back encounter set a tone of approachability and openness in our relationship. I have gotten great advice for my career, and more importantly, how to stay true to your faith in the workplace. I have gotten to know more Mr. McDaniel and his family over the course of our mentoring relationship and I am very thankful for that."

True Walters
Professional Selling Major

"During my search for an internship, my mentor challenged me to do as many practice interviews as I could. This advice aided my confidence when I stepped into my first real interview room, helping me land the internship I wanted."

Robert McCandlish
Professional Selling Major

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