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Image of a speaker in front of a crowd and a quotation that says, 'This was very well thought out and a much-needed presentation. The speakers provided great guidance about both faith and work and how they can intersect inside a secular workplace.'
Image of two female students smiling and quotation that says, 'Great insight into interviewing and innovative suggestions about how to perform well. This presentation was applicable, relevant and important, and I learned a lot!'
Image of a guest speaker on a screen with a quotation that says, 'The speaker provided content that I could directly apply within five minutes of hearing the speech. It's not every day that you hear such useful information!'
Image of a panel of speakers on a stage with a quotation that says, 'I learned to think about interview questions differently and how to present myself in a more constructive, promoting way.'
Image of a woman speaking on stage with a quotation that says, 'I felt more motivated after listening to the speaker's presentation. She showed me that you don't necessarily need a degree in a certain field to be successful--if you work hard, you can achieve whatever you want!'
A crowd of hundreds of students smiling at the camera with a quotation that says, 'The speaker was excellent. I loved how he incorporated scripture into his stories but did not make it seem like a sermon. I think he was a great choice regarding the Christian atmosphere here at Baylor.'
A dozen smiling students with a quotation that says, 'The speakers were engaging and entertaining! They were clear, concise and well prepared. They seemed to care about helping students gain access to successful careers.'
A woman speaking to a crowd of students with a quotation that says, 'She was great! Very professional and clearly lots of experience. As I enter this season of life, I thought it would be beneficial to listen to someone with experience and who wants to give advice to young people.'
A man speaking on stage with a quotation that says, 'The best PDP event that I have been to yet! The speaker was dynamic and interactive, and his discussion was extremely relevant for those just starting the job season.'
A group of seated students listening to two seated speakers and a quotation that says, 'They brought unique perspectives and had varying stories. They also made everything very relatable. Not only was the information practical, but it was also very interesting!'
A seated, smiling male student and quote that says, 'This was one of the most relevant and beneficial PDP events. I learned information that will greatly benefit me no matter what field I go into.'

The Professional Development Program (PDP) prepares students for a successful college-to-career transition. Developed for students within the Hankamer School of Business, the PDP is a student-run program with a series of events designed to facilitate learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom. Students enhance their understanding of different fields and build a solid understanding of different career opportunities.

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