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The S3 program places over 95% of students in full-time positions before graduation. Close partnerships with the teams, leagues, and corporations allow many to receive full-time offers in the fall term preceding graduation. All S3 students are placed in summer internships between the junior and senior year with an organization affiliated with the S3 program. Click here to see the board membership

Since the first graduating class in 2006, S3 has placed hundreds of graduates with professional sports teams & agencies (70%), with the remainder (30%) obtaining full time positions with companies who seek individuals with the skills S3 graduates possess in generating revenue. S3 alumni have successfully moved into leadership roles in sports & related industries.

S3 Alumni in Sports (Related) Positions

Name Position Year Organization
Drew Mitchell CRO 2006 Conference USA
Todd Pollock VP 2006 Vegas Golden Knights
Brenna Tooley VP 2006 MediaLink
Taylor Bergstrom Sr AE 2007 Texas Rangers
Haley Meier Tourism Dir 2007 Orlando Magic
Brian George Director 2007 Houston Texans
Mike Vogelaar Reg MGR 2008 Daktronics
Katy Dickey Field MGR 2008 Hilton
Chase Crosby Attorney 2008 Genesco
Mitch Mann General MGR 2009 Air Force IMG
Karl Ellis Brand MGR 2009 Farm Bureau Insurance
Lauren Ward Manager 2009 NRG
Jeff Brown Partnerships 2009 Texas Rangers
Austin  Flagg Senior MGR 2010 PGA Tour
Eric Simonis Manager 2010 Legends
Lindsay Beale Senior Director 2010 Spurs Sports & Entertainment
Chase Jolesch Director 2010 Vegas Golden Knights
Brittany Turner Director 2010 The Anthem Group
Mike Segoviano Sr AE 2011 Texas Rangers
Stephen Gray Senior MGR 2011 Spurs Sports & Entertainment
Tommy Wright MGR 2011 Houston Space Station
Travis Gafford Senior DIR 2011 Texas Motor Speedway
Evan Martinez Director 2011 Houston XFL
Kyle Calkins MKT 2011 Riot Games
Son Pham Sr Analyst 2012 Toyota
Leslie Horn Consultant 2012 Stone Timber River
Chase Kanaly CRM MGR 2012 Houston Astros
Michael Hurley Manager 2012 Houston Astros
Randelyn Carpenter MGR 2012 Houston Rockets
Mike Dimitroff Premium AE 2012 Houston Rockets
Erin Quigg MGR 2013 Orlando Magic
Austin Avery Sales Manager 2014 KSE/Colorado Rapids
Austin Clement Partnerships 2014 FC Dallas
Sarah Proctor Manager 2014 Texas Motor Speedway
Blake  Pallansch Senior MGR 2015 Texas Motor Speedway
Haley Di Naso Hospitality AE 2015 San Francisco 49ers
Stephanie Lyons Strategic Adv 2015 Advent
Mitch Gall Asst Dir 2015 SMU
Chris Dyer Manager 2015 Memphis Grizzlies
Brooks Byers Senior MGR 2015 4Front
Lance Kay IS MGR 2015 Dallas Stars
Twila Mulflur Coordinator 2015 Stone Timber River
Colby Conner CRM MGR 2016 Texas Rangers
Colin Warner CRM MGR 2016 Dallas Mavericks
Victoria Ham Coordinator 2016 New York Yankees
Darolyn Pierce Coordinator 2016 Madison Square Garden
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