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Leadership Partners

S3 Leadership Partners give back to the industry and education. They actively recruiting juniors and seniors and prominently support the program ($5,000 minimum) based on mutual agreement of benefits. Leadership Partners receive proportionately greater priority in recruitment. Each has prominent recognition in all S3 digital & print materials, classroom décor, and video displays in the Center for Sports Strategy & Sales and the S3 classroom. Leadership Partners gain access to classroom interaction, projects and direct engagement with S3 students, provide key input and participation at S3 meetings and events. Because of their support S3 is able to fund additional paid internships in Baylor Athletics in sales & analytics.

Leadership Partners Executives
Baylor Athletics Jeramiah Dickey
Eventellect Patrick Ryan
Dallas Cowboys Heidi Weingartner
Houston Texans Greg Grissom
Texas Rangers Travis Dillon
Executive Advisors  
Dinn Mann Kelly Roddy
S3 Alumni Network  
Senior Director Eric Fernandez
Associate Director Derek Blake
Media Advisors  
Fox Sports Southwest Mary Hyink
AT&T SportsNet David Peart


Sales Leadership Partners

Premier Partners in Sales Leadership actively recruit juniors to internships and seniors for account executive positions, have established a record of hiring interns and account executives, support the program with financial resources or trade value, and fit the S3 culture and values. Premier Partners intentionally seek to guide interns and employees to find purpose, live by values and add value. Premier Partners receive priority in recruitment activities and public recognition. Recruiting partners recruit available juniors to internships and seniors for full-time sales positions upon graduation as opportunities allow.


Premier Partners Executives
Las Vegas Golden Knights Todd Pollock
Madison Square Garden Marc Jackson
Houston Rockets Gretchen Sheirr
Houston Texans Derek Beeman
Texas Motor Speedway Travis Gafford
Dallas Mavericks Ronnie Fauss
Spurs Sports & Entertainment Tim Salier
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ben Milsom
San Diego Padres Curt Waugh

Brand Strategy Partners

S3 Corporate Sales Partners recruit juniors for internships and seniors for career opportunities to work for corporations, agencies and other third-party organizations.


Corporate Sales Partners Executives
AT&T Bill Moseley
BAV Consulting Anne Rivers
Daktronics Mike Vogelaar
Baylor Learfield/IMG Matt Iazzetti
BBVA Sheiludis Moyett
Conference USA Drew Mitchell
Dallas Cowboys Matt McInnis
Denny's John Dillon
4Front Dan Migala
Friedkin Group Katie S. Scallan
NRG Lauren Ward Plotkin
Houston Texans Brian George
The Breakout Group Bill Glenn
New Orleans Saints/Pels Matt Webb
NRG Briggs Webster
Peak Sports Ryan Holloway
RMC/Pizza Hut Lynda Carrier Metz
SAP Dan Fleetwood
Space Center Houston Tommy Wright
Spurs Sports & Entertainment Jeanne Garza
PGA Tour Austin Flagg
Texas Rangers Jeff Brown
Topgolf Rodney Ferrell
9th Wonder Jose Lozano

Data Strategy Partners;

S3 Data Strategy Partners recruit juniors for internships and seniors for career opportunities to work for properties, corporations, agencies and other third-party organizations.


Data Strategy Partners Executives
Sacramento Kings Colin Warner (S3)
Dallas Mavericks Kaitlynn Lindsey (S3)
Learfield Jeff Gosey
4Front Brooks Byers (S3)
Houston Astros Chase Kanaly (S3)
KORE Software Russell Scibetti
LA Kings/AEG Aaron LeValley
Oakland Athletics Raymond Rondez (S3)
Madison Square Garden Darolyn Pierce (S3)
New York Yankees Victoria Ham (S3)
Orlando Magic Jay Riola & Erin Quigg (S3)
SEAT Consortium Christine Stoffel
SSB-Stone Timber River Leslie Horn (S3) & Twila Mulflur (S3)
Texas Rangers Colby Conner (S3)
Toyota Son Pham (S3)
Border Title