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Center for Sports Strategy and Sales

Values-Based Leadership Partners

S3 Leadership Partners provide financial and recruiting support for the Baylor Center for Sports Strategy & Sales (S3). 

Click here to become a recruiting partner and to find ways your leaders might engage with Baylor University and the S3 Program.

Leadership Partners Executives
Baylor Athletics Jovan Overshown
WOWorks Kelly Roddy
Dallas Cowboys Heidi Weingartner
Houston Texans Greg Grissom
SAP Dan Fleetwood


S3 Pro Day Recruiting Partners

Organizations are added after registration for the 2021-22 S3 Pro Days.

Recruiters click here to learn more about joining us in November and January each year.

S = Sales || Sp = Sponsorships || A = Analytics

Organization Representative
Washington Nationals (S) Emily Dumas & Zach Henderson
Madison Square Garden (S) Demi McEntee
New York City Football Club (A) Matt Burke (S3)
FEVO (S/A) Jamie Hernandez
Portland Trail Blazers (S) Joe Isse
Pittsburgh Pirates (S) Jon Ketzlach
Detroit Pistons (S/A) Andrew Radke
Peak Sports MGMT (Sp) Wesley Abercrombie (S3)
Houston Texans (S/A) Derek Beeman
Real Salt Lake (S/A) Rob Erwin
Atlanta Hawks (S) Rachael Starr
Learfield IMG College Tickets (S) Matthew Sanchez
New York Yankees (S/A) John Madden & Pete Britt
Dallas Cowboys (Sp) Julianne Garrett (S3) & Erin Cornell
San Jose Sharks (S) Conner Stefanski
San Diego Padres (S) Meagan McCreery
4Front (A) Andrew Carlson (S3)
e15 Group (A) Brad Sherrill (S3)
Houston Dynamo (S) JJ Caro del Castillo
KORE (A) Vishal Nagarajan (S3)
San Antonio Spurs (S) Kolin Goff & Jared Graff
Memphis Grizzlies (S) Lindsay Jones
Vegas Golden Knights (S) Todd Pollock (S3)
SSB (A) Leslie Horn (S3) & Abbey Meitin
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (S) Will Weinstock
Penn State University Athletics (S/A) Rob Kristiniak
Milwaukee Bucks (S) Tom LaCombe
New York Giants (A) Russell Scibetti
EngageRM (S/A) Nick Zanotto
Sacramento Republic FC (S) Alex Burt
New Orleans Pelicans & Saints (S) Philicia Douglas
Dallas Mavericks (S/A) Kyle Gillespy & Chris Davidson
Austin FC (S/A) Susana Wolfe
PGA Tour (S) Eric Chaves
Van Wagner (Sp) Jason Capel
Dallas Stars (S) Lance Kay (S3)
Hillsboro Hops /Timbers 2 (S/A) Brett Breece & Jason Gavigan
Genesco Sports (Sp) Chris Morales
Legacy Sports (S) Chad Collins
Taymar Sports U (S) Joe Rickert
New York Jets (S) Jason Cohen
Border Title