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Research Reaching Outside Academia

Research from faculty of Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business that has reached audiences outside of academia.

Hope Koch, Associate Professor, Information Systems
Dorothy Leidner, Ferguson Professor of Information Systems and Director of the Information Systems PhD Program

Koch has conducted social networking research to help organizations learn how to leverage social networking technologies. In January 2010, she presented "Using Social Networks to Build Your Business" for nearly 200 business entrepreneurs at the Supply and Equipment Foodservice Alliance Executive Forum.

Koch and Leidner, with Baylor PhD student and coauthor Ester Gonzalez, wrote "Assimilating Generation Y IT New Hires Into USAA's Workforce: The Role of an Enterprise 2.0 System," which was published in MIS Quarterly Executive, December 2010. The article will impact business by providing insight on using internal social networking systems to increase employee engagement. The research team also wrote "Resolving IT-Culture Conflict in Enterprise 2.0 Implementations," which they submitted to the Americas Conference on Information Systems. This paper discusses how organizations with cultures that contrast with the values of Enterprise 2.0 systems can implement Enterprise 2.0 systems in an effort to change their culture, improve knowledge sharing and improve communication.

The research team in currently investigating the implementation of social networking sites to improve innovation, knowledge sharing, and communication within organizations. If you would like to participate in the research, please contact

Steve Bradley, Assistant Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship
Kendall Artz, Department Chair, Management and Entrepreneurship, and Director of the Baylor Entrepreneurship Program

Bradley and Artz's research explains the power of microcredit and innovation in developing economies, and has the potential to impact countries across the globe. Bradley and Artz, with Jimmy Hulett, wrote "The Innovation Necessity: Evidence from Microcredit in the Dominican Republic" published in the Journal of International Development, December 2010. Bradley and Artz, with coauthors Jeff McMullen and Edward Simiyu, wrote "Capital is Not Enough: Innovation in Developing Economies" published in the Journal of Management Studies, 2011.

Artz will present "Self-employed or Employing Others? Pre-Entry Capabilities, Entrepreneurial Action, and the Learned Resourcefulness of Microcredit Firm Founders," coauthored by Steve Bradley, Jeff McMullen and Edward Simiyu, at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Conference, which will be held in Syracuse, N.Y., June 2011. Bradley will present "Entrepreneurial Networks the Ties That Free or the Ties that Bind? Evidence from Microcredit Lending Groups," coauthored by Mitchell Neubert, Baylor associate professor and Chavanne Chair for Christian Ethics in Business; Hana Milanov and Edward Simiyu, at the conference.

Van Pham, associate professor of Economics

Pham's research focuses on the study of labor markets, international trade, economic growth and industrial organization. By applying economic theory to these aspects, Pham's research has implications for trade and local policy as well as business strategy.

His paper, "Imports "R" Us: Retail Chains as Platforms for Developing-Country Imports," coauthored by Emek Basker, was published in the American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 100, No. 2. Pham and his coauthor presented this research at the American Economic Association's annual meeting in 2010, and at universities across the nation and the world including Australia, Israel and Canada.

Theodore Waldron, Assistant Professor, Management & Entrepreneurship

Waldron's research explores the growing influence of social forces-such as activist organizations-on commerce. More specifically, his studies address the antecedents, mechanisms and consequences of activism against firms and markets.

Waldron's work, "Non-Market Action: Explaining How Non-Market Players Disruptively Change Corporate Competitive Practices," is included in the forthcoming book Market Entry, Competitive Dynamics, and Entrepreneurship, Cambridge, Mass.: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Waldron has presented his work at a number of international conferences. He presented "Activist Attack Strategies," coauthored by Gideon Markman, at the Academy of Management Meeting held in Montreal, Canada, August 2010.

Waldron will present "Non-Market Action: Exploring How Non-Market Players Disruptively Change Corporate Competitive Practices" and "Organizational Conflict: Explicating the Influence of Non-Market Players on Firms and Markets," coauthored by Gideon Markman, at the Academy of Management Meeting, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas, August 2011. He will also present "Activist Campaigns Against Markets: Conceptualizing the Role of Corporate Identity in Campaign Effectiveness," coauthored by Chad Navis and Greg Fisher, at the meeting.

Waldron will present "Non-Market Disruption: The Consequences of Non-Market Action for Industrial Competition," coauthored by Gideon Markman, at the Strategic Management Society Conference held in Miami, Fla., October 2011. Waldron will also present "Social Collaboration Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Firm Reputation," coauthored by Baylor faculty members Kendall Artz and Patricia Norman, at the conference. He will present "Corporate Identity and the Effectiveness of Activist Campaigns Against Markets," coauthored by Chad Navis and Greg Fisher, at the Southern Management Association Meeting held in Savannah, Ga., November 2011.

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