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About the Center

Center for Nonprofit Leadership & Social Enterprise


The Center's mission is to contribute to the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by conducting research on critical problems facing the nonprofit community, with special emphasis on faith-based organizations, and by preparing students and practitioners for bold and visionary leadership in the nonprofit sector.


The Center for Nonprofit Studies at Baylor University has the following purposes:

  • Research

    To focus research efforts on issues facing nonprofit organizations and stakeholders in those organizations. To listen to leaders of nonprofit organizations and focus much of the research agenda on problems identified by them. To disseminate research through both peer-reviewed journals and outlets assuring exposure of findings to nonprofit managers and boards of directors.
  • Teach

    To focus educational programs on undergraduates in the form of course sequences making up a Track within the Marketing Major and a minor for non-business majors (Social Work, Music, Religion, Journalism, Museum Studies, Environmental Studies, etc.). The objective is to equip students to lead and volunteer in organizations that represent their passion for service.
  • Outreach

    To offer to nonprofit leaders assistance and access to best practices among such organizations. This will be accomplished several ways:
    • Fostering a dialog among practicing nonprofit leaders through periodic symposia that would focus on contemporary issues
    • Placing interns and student teams within selected nonprofit organizations to study and find solutions to problems that may be beyond the resources of those organizations
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