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New Venture Competition


Baylor Business New Venture Competition

Official Rules and Guidelines

Posted below are the official rules and guidelines for the 2021 Baylor New Venture Competition. (Updated 7/01/21)

Business Plan Guide

If you aren't sure where to begin when writing your business plan, below is a guide document to help get you started. You may choose to use or not use any of the information in this document. As long as your plan meets the guidelines set forth in the Official Guidelines document, your plan will be eligible for the competition. Following this document does not guarantee a higher placement in the rankings, it is for educational purposes only.

Example Executive Summary and Business Plan

Below are the Executive Summary and Business Plan of the 2019 3rd place winners. This is not meant to be an example of what "exactly" to do, but to give an idea of what your submission could look like.

These materials are posted for illustrative and example purposes only, and may not be entered into the competition or used for any sort of business activity. Any activity involving the use of these materials or the intellectual property contained within is strictly prohibited.

Judging Criteria

The document below outlines the criteria that judges will use during the live presentation portions of the competition.

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