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New Venture Competition

Entering the Competition

Baylor Business New Venture Competition

Eligibility and Other Information

A brief outline for entering the Baylor New Venture Competition can be found in the tabs below. For details on these items, consult the Official Guidebook.

Forming a Team

Detailed eligibility rules found on pages 3-4 of the Official Guidebook.

To be eligible for the competition, your team must:

  • Have 2 - 4 team members.
  • Be current students (undergraduate or graduate) or have graduated May 2020 or later.
  • Have at least one member that is a current full-time university undergraduate or graduate student anywhere in the world.
  • Designate a point-of-contact person responsible for communication with competition organizers.
  • Have team members that currently hold fundamental, fully vested,equity-holding positions within the company and have a combined ownership of at least 25% of the founder's equity in the company.
  • Not have members on multiple teams in the competition.
  • Be present during the entire competition and at the time of the prize presentations to be eligible for prizes.

Eligible Plans

Detailed eligibility rules found on page 4 of the Official Guidebook.

Business plans submitted by teams should be for ventures that are:

  • Early stage
  • For-profit
  • Potentially seeking initial investment capital


Submissions should not include:

  • Buy-Outs
  • Entity Expansions
  • Real Estate Ventures
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Subsidiaries
  • Recapitalizations
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Single-Member LLCs


Executive Summary Format

All executive summaries must be submitted in PDF format using the submission site. Please name the file as: BNVC_CompanyName_UniversityName_Exec.pdf.
Consult the Resources page for an example. Teams must also submit verification of student status from National Clearinghouse. Due to holidays and other delays it is highly suggested that you submit your request for verification EARLY. Due date for submission is November 1, 2021.

Required Components

Detailed format requirements are found on pages 5-6 of the Official Guidebook:

  • One Sentence Summary
  • Overview of Business
  • Problem Solved
  • Product or Services Offered
  • Market Overview
  • Business Model
  • Customers or Prospective Customers
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Competitive Environment
  • Management Team
  • Capital Needed
  • Contact Info for the Team Leader

Business Plan Format

All business plans must be submitted in PDF format using the submission site. Please name the file as: BNVC_CompanyName_UniversityName_Plan.pdf. Consult the Resources page for an example. Teams must also submit a cap table, verification of establishment of a legal entity, and tax forms. Due to holidays and other delays it is highly suggested that you submit your requests EARLY. Due date for submission is January 17, 2022.

Required Components

Please consult the Official Guidebook, pages 6-8 for additional format requirements:

  • Title/Cover Page*
  • Table of Contents*
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Mission and Vision
  • Business Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Description of Products and Services
  • Organization and Management
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Financials (five-year projected Income Statement required)
  • Appendix (up to 10 pages, must be clearly indicated as appendix pages)

*Does not count towards 10-page total

Information Sessions at Baylor

Please follow the Baylor Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise (@BaylorEntrepreneurship) Facebook page for updates regarding general information sessions for the 2022 competition. Watch this video for the info session from the 2021 Competition. Updated due dates may be found on the About the Competition page.

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