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Baylor’s Commercial Banking Program Listed in FDIC Directory
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has recently included Baylor University in the Directory of College and University Degree Programs. The Directory emphasizes the impact of community banks within the nation’s economy and will assist prospective students as they assess potential educational and career options within community banking. Community bankers will also benefit, as the Directory will aid them in identifying and hiring talent.

Worry More About Housing Costs in Retirement Than Healthcare Costs
The Street: Professor of finance and The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management is quoted in this article about strategies that could boost after-tax income in retirement.

Where Do IRAs Fit in Your Retirement Distribution Plan?
Morningstar: Professor of finance and The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management is quoted about strategies for IRA withdrawal.

Two Ways to Increase Deductions Under the New Tax Law
The Wall Street Journal: William Reichenstein, professor of finance, reviews two strategies investors can use to increase their itemized deductions above the new higher standard deduction.

Students and Alumni Start Investment and Advisory Network, Encouraging Mentorship in Finance Sector
Beyond career advancement, the Network promotes strong relationships: student-to-student, student to alumni and alumni to alumni. The I&A Network provides access to information and networking opportunities that are invaluable to anyone interested in pursuing a career in investment banking and high finance.

Here Are Some Social Security Numbers You Should Know
Ventura County Star: Professor of finance William Reichenstein is interviewed as an expert in this article about inflation-related numbers and their effect on Social Security planning.

Here’s a More Tax-Efficient Way to Give to Charities
The Wall Street Journal: Professor of finance, William Reichenstein, authored this piece about how older investors can be more tax-efficient by combining charitable giving with required IRA distributions.

Video: How Financial Planning Began
Investopedia: Professor of finance Tom Potts is interviewed in this piece about the history of financial planning.

Baylor Business to Host 2017 Lone Star Finance Conference
Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business will be hosting the 2017 Lone Star Finance Conference on September 14-15, 2017.

Why You May Want to Contribute to Your Child’s Retirement
The Wall Street Journal: This column is written by The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management, William Reichenstein, and offers his advice to parents and grandparents of recent college graduates to contribute to their graduate's retirement fund.

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