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How Retirees Can Avoid Higher Medicare Premiums
The Wall Street Journal: Professor of Finance William Reichenstein writes about how retirees can adjust gross income to ensure, when possible, avoiding higher Medicare premiums.

Trading and Hedging When the Market Panics
Innovative Business at Baylor: Virgilio Zurita, assistant professor of Finance, found a more accurate model to predict default probabilities.

Baylor Alumnus Blends Up Recipe for Success
“Believe me, it was a risk,” Jeff Richards says. “I decided to go through one last year with my bank, and then I just took the step out."

Married Couples: Coordinate Social Security Claims to Boost Benefits
Yahoo! Finance: William Reichenstein, professor of finance, is quoted in this article about spousal retirement benefit options.

Bringing Wall Street to Baylor
Starting in June 2018, all Baylor faculty, staff, and students will receive free digital access to The Wall Street Journal, thanks to the tireless work by Alredo, TX, junior Elizabeth Larson, the Baylor Student Body Internal Vice President.

Outstanding Undergraduates Recognized
Dean Terry S. Maness hosted an awards ceremony and banquet to celebrate Business undergraduates who will be graduating in 2018.

Student-Run Investment Fund Distributes Money for Scholarships
For 17 consecutive years, Baylor University’s student-managed Philip M. Dorr Alumni & Friends Endowed Investment Fund has provided generous contributions to student scholarships totaling over $2 million over its lifetime. This year, the Fund contributed $184,000 in support of student-athlete scholarships.

Baylor Team Earns Second Place in Financial Portfolio Competition
A team of Portfolio Management Practicum students from Baylor earned second place in the Portfolio Manager’s Finalist competition at the Texas Investment Portfolio Symposium.

Baylor’s Commercial Banking Program Listed in FDIC Directory
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has recently included Baylor University in the Directory of College and University Degree Programs. The Directory emphasizes the impact of community banks within the nation’s economy and will assist prospective students as they assess potential educational and career options within community banking. Community bankers will also benefit, as the Directory will aid them in identifying and hiring talent.

Worry More About Housing Costs in Retirement Than Healthcare Costs
The Street: Professor of finance and The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management is quoted in this article about strategies that could boost after-tax income in retirement.

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