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Baylor Study: What Motivates People to Mask Up, Social Distance, Vaccinate?
WACO, Texas (March 29, 2021) – As the United States continues its march to vaccinate millions of citizens against COVID-19, marketing researchers from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business have discovered a messaging model that motivates people to take preventive actions to battle the virus.

Why All Your Favorite Athletes Are Selling Supplements Now
Men's Health: Quoted in this article about the trend of professional athletes endorsing their own dietary supplement brands is expert Kirk Wakefield, professor of sports marketing.

Audio: California Begins Curfew To Curb COVID-19
VOA News: Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, professor of marketing, is interviewed on the release of "Wonder Woman 1984" on HBOMax and its impact on the film industry.

Fall 2020 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach: Victoria Whitworth
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling (ProSales) is pleased to announce that Victoria Whitworth is the Fall 2020 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach. ProSales sponsors student involvement in four internal and six external sales competitions each year.

BBEC Sales Competition Winners Announced
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling is excited to announce the winners for the Baylor Business Ethics Competition (BBEC), a ProSales program-specific competition designed to challenge ProSales students with ethical dilemmas evident in real sales organizations.

Audio: Business Review: The Power of Nines
KWBU (NPR): Lora Tu, professor of Marketing, discusses the power of prices that end in nine and its impact on a buyer's perception.

2020 iPhone Survey – 36% of Americans Plan To Reduce Cell Phone Cost Due To COVID-19
Wallet Hub: Referenced in this article is a study by marketing professors James Roberts and Meredith David who found that smartphone use during the pandemic boosted people's sense of well-being and connectedness.

Escape From 2020: A Case To Separate Sports and Politics for More Fans and Higher Ratings
Forbes: Kirk Wakefield, marketing professor and executive director of Sports Strategy & Sales, penned this column about the connection between sports and politics and how national teams can target marketing to specific audiences.

This Baylor expert’s research shows how our eyes reveal our response to marketing
If you’ve ever liked an advertisement, but been unable to fully express exactly what you found appealing about it, then you can begin to understand the value of Dr. JaeHwan Kwon’s research. With the help of a wand-sized infrared device, he tracks even the tiniest eye movements and facial expressions to see how and where […]

Audio: Baylor Connections: Kirk Wakefield
Baylor Connections: Marketing professor and executive director of Sports Strategy & Sales discusses how professional and collegiate teams navigate change and engage fans during uncertain times.

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