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Family Owned Business Aims to Aid Teen Substance Abuse
KWTX-TV (CBS): The 2015 winner of the Texas Family Business of the Year Award, The Arbor, has opened a new facility in Waco to help teens who suffer from addiction.

Video: Kids in Waco Area Start Their Own Business Through Summer Program
KCEN-TV (NBC): Over 100 kids in Waco started a business this summer thanks to partnerships between Baylor University, Start Up Waco and Boss Club which taught them how to become their own boss.

Economists Sign Panmure House Declaration
Insider (UK): Professor of Entrepreneurship Peter Klein assisted in the organization of a conference which led to the Panmure House Declaration, signed by more than 100 economists, academics and business leaders in attendance.

Pivot! Defining & Understanding Complete Business Change Decisions
Innovative Business at Baylor: Les Palich, Matthew Wood and Russell Browder, professors of Entrepreneurship, found three factors that lead to an entrepreneur's decision to pivot.

Prosperity Gospel Believers Are Less Likely to Be Entrepreneurs, Study Finds
PsyPost: Professor of Management, Mitchell Neubert, is the co-author of Baylor University research which found that entrepreneurs who believe in the 'prosperity gospel' are not automatically successful.

Belief in the 'Prosperity Gospel' Does Not Turn People Into Successful Entrepreneurs
[5/23/2019] Mitchell Neubert, professor of Management, co-authored research that finds belief in the 'prosperity gospel' does not make entrepreneurs more successful.

Belief in the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Does Not Turn People into Successful Entrepreneurs
WACO, Texas (May 22, 2019) — Belief in the “Prosperity Gospel” — that God financially blesses faithful followers — does not turn individuals into successful entrepreneurs. But prosperity beliefs can fuel values linked to entrepreneurial thinking, such as power and achievement, according to a Baylor University study.

Belief in the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Does Not Turn People Into Successful Entrepreneurs
Science Blog: Research co-authored by professor of Management, Mitchell Neubert, which found that belief in the 'prosperity gospel' does not equate to success for entrepreneurs, is highlighted in this article.

New Woman-owned Business Emphasizes Polymers with a Purpose
Citybizlist: Angela Seaman, BBA (Entrepreneurship) '92, has founded Seaman Group Plastics, which supports supply chain diversity by selling virgin and recycled resin and purchasing plastic scrap for sustainability initiatives. Owned and operated by Seaman, the company is a newly certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

Baylor Business Review: Recent Grad Profile: Rebecca Rodriguez: Fruits of the (Entrepreneurial) Spirit
Rebecca Rodriguez is more than just an employee. She’s the youngest of six kids. An aunt to eight nieces and nephews. A Christian. A first-generation college student. A graduate of Baylor University. A global technology financial analyst at ExxonMobil. “What I do is not who I am,” she said. “Whose I am defines who I am, which directly influences how I do what I do daily. Each day, there are so many opportunities to be bold and to be a light that radiates hope and the power of love. For me, this is only possible by having my feet planted on solid ground — my faith.”

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