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Alumnus Helps Veterans Get Back To Work

July 11, 2011

By Rachel Moorman

According to a recent congressional report, new federal data shows an unemployment rate of 10.9 percent for post-September 11 veterans, as of April 2011.

One Baylor business alumnus is working to change that statistic, starting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with a new program called Veterans To Work. Andy Wimpee, BBA '69, started the program to help veterans obtain employment after returning from life as an active duty military member.

"The program has been around for about 45 days and we have 20 companies on our committee to help us get veterans back to work," Wimpee said. "The program was created because of the need that we're seeing for veterans to find work after they've served our country."

In that short time, the program has already placed 35 veterans with companies in Dallas/Fort Worth. By matching veterans' experience and skill levels with companies that need to fill temporary positions, some with potential to grow into long-term positions, the program provides veterans the opportunity to work on a temporary or long-term basis.

The program is responsible to provide recruiting, interviewing, payroll, payroll taxes, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, record keeping, documentation and paperwork, leaving the hiring company only responsible to pay for the hours worked.

"The mission of our organization is to help every military veteran of the United States find full employment upon return from active duty," the organization's mission statement reads. "We owe our freedom to our veterans and we owe them a chance to find meaningful employment in civilian life."

The Veterans To Work program benefits the companies involved by providing an experienced dedicated and disciplined work force that received training serving in the military," Wimpee said.

The program has been established in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a starting point, and aims to expand nationally once a working model has been completed and becomes successful.

"Our veterans have served and protected our country and now is the time to offer them an opportunity for work and an income at home," Wimpee said.

The Veterans To Work Committee is partnering with the Texas Rangers baseball team on July 28, 2011, at the Ballpark in Arlington for Veterans Night with the Texas Rangers, which will honor all veterans, as well as other veterans' organizations that will be represented at the game. The group is bringing in a special guest to participate in throwing the first pitch, and will allow all veterans to stand and be recognized during the game.

Thanks to the Veterans To Work Committee, all veterans, members of the represented veterans' organizations, and employees of the 20 companies on the committee will be able to purchase tickets to the game for half of the regular price, providing $31 tickets for level 1 seats, $13 tickets for level 2 seats and $7.50 tickets for level 3 seats. Parking passes can be purchased for $10.

For more information about partnering with the Veterans To Work program or tickets for Veterans Night with the Texas Rangers, contact Andy Wimpee by phone at (214) 634-7508 or by e-mail at

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