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Business Author Urges Listeners to "Lead Like Jesus" at Baylor University Event

April 4, 2011

By Kelsey McCarty

Ken Blanchard, world renown speaker and author, spoke to a crowd of several hundred Baylor faculty, staff, students and friends on the topic of leadership at Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business on March 29.

"What a man thinketh, he will become," Blanchard said, "one of the problems in leadership is we've got a lot of stinking thinking."

Blanchard challenges traditional leadership models.

"Leadership isn't about money and Wall Street," Blanchard said, "when all is said and done, it's not about your money, recognition and power. That all goes back in the box. All you get to save is your soul. We need a love and action leadership model."

Blanchard challenged the audience to see that money is simply a bi-product of the important work of a leader.

"Leadership is changing your point-of-view. Too many people believe the traditional military model is the best." Conversely, he said, "leadership is about the people you serve."

Blanchard approaches leadership by the example of Jesus Christ.

Blanchard spoke of Christ teaching His disciples everything they needed to know to be successful.

"He kept them safe. And he prepared them for the future. That's a good definition of leadership," Blanchard said.

He believes our world is in a tireless battle and in desperate need of a different leadership model.

"A little Jewish Rabbi with twelve incompetent followers," he said, referring to Jesus Christ. "Jesus is not just a spiritual leader. He is ultimate in faith and all realms of leadership. He is the greatest leadership role model of all time."

After studying the Gospels for quite some time, Blanchard formulated his "Seven H Model," which includes: hope, heart, a head, a hand, habits, home and humanity. He pointed out the significance of each H.

"Christ is all about hope, a heart to serve like Jesus, a head to lead and motivate, a hand to help, habits that affect leadership, a home as a sphere of influence and humanity as the people one serves," he explained. Blanchard said that home is the starting point for influence and humanity is the ultimate goal of our service.

The support of each H is Christ. Christ's good news assures a forgiven past, a guaranteed future and a partner in the present.

"Whatever you do, don't get trapped in thinking your success is about money and recognition, because you'll begin to believe that is who you are, " he said.

Blanchard closed by thanking Jane and Paul Meyer of the Paul J. Meyer endowment. The Paul J. Meyer Endowment supports activities at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business that promote the intersection of faith and businesses practices.

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