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Baylor University's Dixon on Author Team for Strategic Sales and Sales Management Handbook

March 22, 2011

Leading academics in the field of sales and sales management, including Baylor University's Andrea Dixon, have teamed to author the Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management.

The handbook, published by Oxford University Press and available now on, includes prestigious contributors from leading business schools, including Baylor, Columbia Business School, IMU - University of Bern, Kellogg School of Management, Neeley School of Business, and Warwick Business School.

"This book includes sales scholar perspectives from around the world, said Dixon, holder of The Frank M. and Floy Smith Holloway Professorship in Marketing and executive director of both the Keller Center for Research and the Center for Professional Selling. "So, it is an honor to represent Baylor University and to be counted among the contributors to this very prestigious work. Since it is not a textbook, readers will likely include C-Suite executives of leading multinational organizations. Through our participation in such publications, Baylor University continues to lead and shape the future of sales knowledge and the sales profession."

The handbook is not a general sales management text, but fills a gap in the existing literature through consolidating the current academic research in the sales area. The book is structured around four key topics: Strategic positioning of the sales function within the modern organization; recent developments in sales management; the sales relationship with the customer; and the internal composition of sales within the organization.

The handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the latest research in sales management, and is suitable for academics, professionals, and those taking professional qualifications in sales and marketing.

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