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Real Estate Agents Tweet for Knowledge and a Prize

March 3, 2011

KCR 2011 WinnerBy Neely Guthrie

Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business second annual Twitter contest proved to be twittastic, generated loads of twaffic, and increased the twitosphere at the Keller Williams Family Reunion in Anaheim, Calif.

The reunion, a conference done by Keller Williams real estate, took place Feb. 19 - Feb. 21, and provided opportunities for realtors to train and acquire tools to be successful in the current market. Realtors were able to hear from leaders in the industry and network with agents from across the country.

Bill Hamberg, or "@KWHorsham" as he's known on Twitter, won the contest and went home with his prize, a new Apple iPad.

"The general consensus for the Twitter contest was that people thought it was too good to be true. We even got a few people register for Twitter just to enter the contest," said Drew Johns, Keller Center graduate assistant.

The contest consisted of 10 trivia questions about the Baylor business school and its Keller Center Research Reports. Contestants could answer the questions or tweet a picture of the Baylor Business booth at the conference to be entered to win. Once all of the correct entries were pooled, the winner was selected at random.

"The contest was a big hit; we got a lot more interest because of the iPad. I know that on Monday all kinds of people were coming up to booth excited about the contest," said Steven Bell, Keller Center graduate assistant. He awarded the iPad to Hamberg on Monday along with Johns.

The Keller Center Research Report includes research about buyer-seller relationships. The report is published several times per year and is available free online at

The contest encouraged those at the conference to read the reports to find the correct trivia answers, which in turn increased awareness for how the Keller Center continues to provide current buyer information.

Sandy Stewart, a realtor from Frisco, Texas attending the conference tweeted, "@Baylor_Business this was fun. I have emailed the report to several of my fellow realtors."

Lynn Doty, a realtor from Southwest Fla., also enjoyed the reports and tweeted, "just downloaded all the Dec articles from @Baylor_Business on my new evernote app!"

The contest was fun for the weekend, but it also benefitted long-term communications for the business school by strengthening relationships with realtors and increasing the number of Baylor Business Twitter account followers, all of whom will stay up to date on Baylor Business happenings on the social media platform.

Nancy Pinx Wright, a realtor in Southern Calif., tweeted, "Sure I want to win an iPad, but @Baylor_Business has opened my eyes to a phenomenal resource with their contest − Brilliant!"

The Keller Center, endowed by a generous $5 million donation from Gary Keller (Keller-Williams Realty International, BBA 1979), was established in 2007 at Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business. The Keller Center and the Keller Center Research Report highlight leading-edge research focused on the agent-buyer relationship within the real estate industry, in addition to universal marketing and management issues.

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