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Baylor University Team Places 2nd in Business Simulation Challenge

Dec. 6, 2010

Baylor University students Trent Commons and Joel Huynh placed in the finals of the 2010 Fall Foundation Business Simulation Challenge, an international business simulation competition that attracted almost 300 competitors.

"I enjoyed the pressure and the competition that the simulation provided. In class, Foundation was very humbling as I struggled to grasp all of the fundamentals of running a business," Huynh said.

The freshmen students used the Foundation Business Simulation in Professor Blaine McCormick's Business 1301 class.

"I'm thrilled! Some of the students Joel and Eric outperformed were upper-level business students at other universities," McCormick said. "This suggests to me that they are willing to go the extra-mile to teach themselves some things beyond the scope of our first-year course."

Last weekend, Commons and Huynh competed in the final rounds against five other student management teams. They achieved 707 points out of 1000 on the Balanced Score Card to take second place in the global competition.

"Mainly, it made me see the great education I am getting through this University," Commons said.

The Foundation Business Simulation Challenge is a global online competition held in the spring and fall semester each year. The competition is hosted by Capsim Management Simulations, Inc., the leading provider of business simulations to college graduate and undergraduate students. The annual competitions are open to all students who have used a Capsim business simulation in their university course.

"Hands-on, experiential learning resonates with the very heart of our brand," McCormick said. "The Foundation business simulation helps the students put their rigorous classroom learning to use in an experiential context."

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