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Business Undergrads Create Online Marketplace for Baylor Community

Nov. 29, 2010

By Nincy Matthew

Two Baylor business students created a one stop spot for students to sell, buy and trade textbooks and other listings in a safe and convenient online environment. The Bear Trade was developed by juniors Cole Chapman and Clayton Rothschild to enhance the lives of students at Baylor and giving them a chance to connect with other students.

"When it comes time to buy something like a bike or textbook, chances are slim one of your direct friends has it for sale at that moment. Thus, The Bear Trade was created to connect buyers and sellers within a much larger network while maintaining the safety of the Baylor bubble," said Rothschild.

The Bear Trade allows users to connect either through the website or facebook and list items for sale. The creators also implemented features specific to students such as textbook exchange and guaranteed textbook buyback.

The Bear Trade also aggregates blogs from Baylor students and will soon feature local musicians.

Immediately after launching, the website saw over 1000 unique visits and 3000 page views.

"We are always interested in making it more user-friendly and we have already made a lot of changes since launch," said Rothschild.

"I've used it for the selling of my old bike, rating of professors, and plan on selling my college textbooks as well," said junior Carson Fabian. "The Bear Trade is Baylor's very own local Craig's List and I hope it continues to grow and that more and more people use it."

Both creators were able to use their unique talents and passions to make The Bear Trade a success.

"Cole is the one who goes out and gets things done. He communicates with people and advertises. I just am the nerd behind the computer screen who happens to have some good ideas of his own," said Rothschild.

"Clayton has a great set of skills in the web design department. Both of us are very business savvy and together the partnership is unstoppable," said Chapman.

Rothschild and Chapman hope to replicate the site nationwide at over 300 universities.

"If it works at one university, it will work at them all. We are pretty motivated and we think our goal will work," said Rothschild.

To visit the site, go to

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