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Winners of Baylor University's Fourth Annual MBA National Case Competition in Ethical Leadership Announced

Nov. 12, 2010

By Becca Broaddus

MBA students from across the nation competed in Baylor University's Fourth Annual MBA National Case Competition in Ethical Leadership Nov. 10-12. The University of Iowa earned first place, followed by the University of Washington in second place and Pepperdine University in third.

The competition, which is a part of the Dale P. Jones Business Ethics Forum, gives MBA students an opportunity to confront and discuss real-world ethical issues beyond the classroom.

Students from MBA programs at Auburn University, Baylor University, Pepperdine University, Texas A&M University, the University of Florida, the University of Illinois, the University of Iowa, the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas and the University of Washington participated in the competition.

The ten teams, each consisting of four students, were divided into leagues of multiple teams and then received their cases on Wednesday. After preparation, each team presented their solutions before a panel of judges. The first place team from each league then advanced to the finals.

Over $8,000 in prizes were awarded to the winners. The first place team received $5,000, second place received $1,200 and third place received $900. The best presenter from each league received $250 and the best Q/A person from each league received $100.

1st place team: University of Iowa

Yakabu Agbese, Justin Lawrence, Lu Gao, Salima Rattansey

2nd place team: University of Washington

Mike Ru, Kayla Villnow, Naureen Manekia, Ryan Mann

3rd place team: Pepperdine University

Kamika Dillard, Brett Jamison, Hannah Plaxen, Srimathangi Sujatha

Best Presenters

Jennifer Gale - University of Florida

Yakabu Agbese - University of Iowa

Nishita Roy - Texas A&M University

Best Q/A

Kayla Villnow - University of Washington

Sara Sommers - Baylor University

Jeff Sabins - University of Texas

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