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Needed: Alumni to Serve as Mentors

Dec. 18, 2009

Do you have experiences worth sharing with emerging college graduates? Be a mentor and make a difference! Mentors is Baylor University's program that connects current and recently graduated Baylor students with alumni like you in a mentoring capacity.

"Acting as an alumni mentor is a great way to share your professional and life experiences with students looking to launch or expand their careers in the same or similar field as yours," said Kat Evans, career adviser at Baylor.

Fortunately, participating in Mentors does not take a lot of time - you get to choose your level of participation. You choose what information you want to share. You choose how many student contacts you wish to have each month and how you would like students to contact you - directly or anonymously.

You can even choose to opt out of any student direct mentoring and instead participate in a variety of other career-oriented activities such as mock interviews, information interviews, resume reviews, or sponsoring an internship.

The Mentors program inspires relationship building and networking among students, alumni, and community members for the purpose of supporting personal and professional growth.

If you are interested in joining Mentors, visit to sign up today.

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