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Hankamer Student Receives Second Place in Global Business Competition

Dec. 8, 2009

By Becca Broaddus

Junior Christian Mosley received second place out of 188 teams in the Foundation International Fall 2009 Challenge, a business simulation competition for interested students.

"It's more enjoyable than reading a textbook," Mosley said.

He received first place in the Foundation challenge in his Introduction to Business class, a requirement for the class, last year and decided he "wanted to test [his] knowledge against the world" in the global challenge this year.

Capsim Management Simulations Inc., a business simulations provider, created the challenge to allow students to see how they rank globally on business simulations. The global competition is voluntary for Baylor business students, unlike the Foundation project for introductory students.

Mosley advanced to the final round against five other finalists. He placed second in the competition above single and multi-person teams from around the world.

"It taught me a lot of financial literacy by using a computer program to facilitate learning," Mosley said.

Mosley, a double major in finance and entrepreneurship, is now a teacher's assistant in the introductory business class and helps students with the Foundation program.

"I'm gaining greater and greater confidence in the course's ability to take the students from very little business knowledge to high levels of mastery in one semester," Associate Professor of Management Dr. Blaine McCormick said.

Mosley received 738 points for second place, only 18 points behind the first place winner. The scores are based on students' business decision-making abilities in the fields of research & development, marketing, production and finance.

Mosley was not the only Baylor student who excelled. According to McCormick, over two dozen Baylor students signed up, ten of which finished the qualifying rounds. Of those ten, three placed in the top ten and seven placed in the top twenty.

Hankamer School of Business has had a student place in the global competition the last three out of four semesters.

"Incoming students are competing head to head with business students at the end of the college experience and winning," McCormick said. "That makes me so proud."

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