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MIS Department Receives Award for Innovation

Aug. 31, 2009

By Becca Broaddus

Baylor's Management Information Systems (MIS) department received the 2009 Bobby G. Bizzell Southwest Business Dean's Association (SWBDA) Innovative Achievement Award and $1,500 from BusinessWeek magazine at the annual SWBDA meeting in Santa Fe, N.M. last June.

"I was so happy when I found out," author of the proposal and assistant professor Dr. Hope Koch said. "I poured so much into this program, and I was just thrilled for the students."

The winning proposal, "Solving the Management Information Systems (MIS) Enrollment Crisis" outlines the department's three-year initiative to recruit students for MIS.

The program, implemented by students with the help of Drs. Timothy Kayworth and Hope Koch, uses fundraising, relationship-building, marketing and project planning to recruit students.

"The key to the award, what is so innovative, is that we use students to recruit students," Dr. Timothy Kayworth, Information Systems Department Chair and associate professor, said.

The number of MIS majors at Baylor since the beginning of this program has increased by 293 percent, while other schools across the nation are shutting their programs down because of a shortage of interest in the field.

"We do have a good story to tell about our major," Kayworth said. "A lot of the uptake in our enrollment can be linked to our initiatives."

Since Jan. 2007, the program has raised about $100,000 by managing relationships with sponsoring organizations. The department uses that money to help improve the program and its value so that the students can get jobs and internships.

"In this job market, students need all of the help they can get," Koch said.

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