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Baylor Business Network Aids Alumni in a Slow Job Market

April 28, 2009

By: Melissa Limmer

The Baylor University Business Network (BBN) is doing its part to help alumni during the current economic downturn and slow job market by offering an extra edge with exclusive networking and job search opportunities.

Reflecting the current trend in online job search, the BBN website features a job board allowing alumni to search for jobs posted by Baylor alumni for Baylor alumni. The jobs are then listed on inCircle, a networking site that allows alumni to meet other Baylor graduates in their area, network, and search for jobs. The network's presence on LinkedIn also allows for networking and job search with other alumni online. An additional online networking feature is the BBN's directory of members.

The BBN also offers in-person networking through the Bear2Bear program. These local events are hosted by the BBN in cities with network groups such as Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. The Houston group hosts networking breakfasts for alumni looking for jobs on the third Wednesday of every month. The Dallas group offers one-on-one mentoring by pairing participants with other local professionals. San Antonio's group holds Bear2Bear networking mixers on a quarterly basis.

Additionally, the BBN also hosts BU CAN (Baylor University Career Advancement Network) events throughout the year in cities with business networks. BU CAN offers continuing education through seminars on current career topics such as resume writing and salary negotiations for more experienced job seekers.

The BBN has active groups in Austin, Dallas, Ft.Worth, Houston, New York City, and San Antonio. At the regular meetings in these cities, BBN members also have the opportunity to connect with their fellow Baylor alumni. Over the past several years, many alumni have made the connections that have helped them find new and exciting career opportunities. To register for any of the BBN events alumni can visit

To expand services offered to Baylor alumni, the Baylor Network is working with other Baylor groups to develop more comprehensive alumni career service offerings through a Virtual Career Services portal. They look forward to continuingly developing opportunities for alumni who are seeking new career paths.

For more information about the Baylor Business network visit:

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