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Leidner Paper One of Best Information Systems Publications of 2007

Dec. 4, 2008

A paper written by Dorothy Leidner, professor of Management Information Systems at Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business, was selected as one of the best in 2007 by the Senior Scholars Best Publication Committee.

The paper, "How Incoming CIOs Transition into Their New Jobs," was one of about 50 nominated by journal editors (one for each journal) and was selected by the Information Systems Senior Scholars on the basis of its overall contribution to the IS field. An email from the committee stated "More specifically, the Senior Scholars were asked to consider each article's importance as a contribution to practice in the IS field, its importance as a contribution to theory in the IS field, the uniqueness/originality of the ideas, and the quality of the arguments when they voted for the five best papers of 2007."

The paper, co-authored by Jane McKay of Texas Christian University, was published in MIS Quarterly Executive.

In the paper, the scholars explored the CIOs' first year on the job. "Incoming CIOs use various approaches to establish their credibility and provide value to the organization," the authors' abstract explains. The researchers interviewed 36 CIOs of large organizations across a variety of industries and categorized their transition approaches. Depending on the situation the incoming CIOs inherited, they identified patterns in the type of transition they typically took--either incremental or radical.

"While our study involved only the first year of an incoming CIO's tenure, the lessons are likely to prove useful to CIOs seeking long tenures in the same organization," wrote the authors.

The winning papers will be recognized during the Senior Scholars Forum at ICIS in Paris, France on Tuesday, December 16.

The honor was Leidner's second recognition for work published this year. She was also one of five finalists in the Decision Sciences Journal Best Paper Award this year with her paper "Examining the Antecedents and Consequences of CIO Decision Making Authority," with co-authors David Preston and Daniel Chen, both of Texas Christian University.

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