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Photo Blog: Follow Baylor University Students on Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Adventure in China

July 31, 2007

By April Leman

Baylor in Shanghai is a newly developed study abroad opportunity designed to link upper level engineering/computer science students and business students in a cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Dr. Greg Leman, University Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives, envisioned a learning environment in which students could learn the technical side of an industry along with business principles. Leman teamed up with professor Cindy Fry from Baylor Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Anne Grinols from Baylor's Hankamer School of Business, Dr. Robert Hisrich from Thunderbird University, Dr. Bright Shi, Dr. Gao Guangkuo and Professor Ray Zhang from University of Shanghai Science and Technology (USST), to implement the program.

Shanghai, China is on the cutting edge of developing business and technology and was thus chosen for the program's location. Nineteen American students signed up for the start-up summer program and were joined by 21 Chinese students from USST in Shanghai. To enhance the cultural experience Tai Chi, Mandarin and Chinese/American history are taught alongside the business classes. While in China, MBA and undergraduate students work directly with Chinese companies on various projects that add value to the companies and give the students useful business and technical work experience.

The six companies / entrepreneurs participating in the program include:

  • USCN (Shenzhen)
  • Dow Corning Corporation
  • VMI (USST Science Park)
  • E5S Corp (Jinan)
  • Perfect Software Corporation
  • Ciapetti Import Company

Follow the students studying hi-tech entrepreneurship in Baylor's I5 program in Shanghai with blogger/photographer Robert Rogers at

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