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Professional Selling Students Off to National Competition

March 9, 2006

By Morgan Lawrence

Several sales students from Baylor University are getting ready to compete in the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) which will be held at Kennesaw State University March 17-18.

Baylor will be sending three students to compete: Michelle Taubert, a senior professional selling major from Papillion, Nebraska; Trey Atkission, a senior accounting and professional selling major from Kerrville Texas; and alternate Michael Smith, a junior professional selling major from Edmond Oklahoma.

"This competition is an intense two-day, three-round championship that tests the competitors' ability to plan and execute effective sales call components" said Dr. Charles Fifield, a Lecturer in Management & Entrepreneurship, who is also the team's coach. John Adams is the program coordinator for the Center for Professional Selling and will also be attending the NCSC.

Taubert, Atkission and Smith passed the demanding Baylor selection process by presenting about 20 different sales deliveries (I don't know what that means - does it mean "delivering 20 different sales pitches?) to a panel of outside judges. After being selected to represent Baylor, the students have two months to prepare for the national competition.

"The NCSC is an excellent showcase for students to show their true interest, commitment and certainly their talent for a career in sales," said Laura Gross, sponsor representative from ADP, Small Business Services. "I am unaware of any other national programs of this magnitude that allow students to shine in the presences of sales professionals and hiring managers."

A total of seventy students will be at NCSC in a role-play challenge, which will be broadcast live to judges, who happen to be the corporate sponsors for the event. Judging takes on an added dimension, because sponsors are also hoping to find the top students to work for their companies after graduation.

During the event every competitor must sell both a good and a service. "This year our good is ACT Software (contact management software) and our service is UPS (business solutions)" said Fifield.

Fifield also noted, "NCSC gives our sales career minded student a great challenge of his/her skills, as well as a fabulous opportunity to visit one-on-one with the nearly forty employers in attendance."

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