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Hankamer School of Business Launches New Web Design

Jan. 4, 2006

Baylor University's Business School Web site ( got an extreme makeover during the Christmas holiday.

"We felt it was important to project a more integrated image," said Terry Maness, dean of the school. "The Web is a premier communication channel for us. Our goal was that it would be more compatible with our overall branding and marketing strategy."

The site design reflects the same key elements that are seen throughout the School's other communications materials, explained C.J. Jackson, director of Communications & Marketing at Hankamer. Brochures, view books, advertisements, mailings, emails and the award-winning Baylor Business Review all now share a consistency that helps build the overall brand and bolster efforts in recruiting, reputation building and enhancing brand preference.

Pollei Designworks served as consultants for the project. Trey Gorman, Web Designer/Analyst at Hankamer, implemented the design on the Baylor system.

Additional functionality is planned for the near future. Soon, RSS feeds and podcasting will be available on the Hankamer site. Watch for more information about these features at

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