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Let the Trade Battle Begin (In the News)

Oct. 2, 2005

Norristown Times Herald


We support President Bush's signature on the Central American Free Trade Agreement.


The basic goal of the free trade agreement is to remove tariffs Latin American countries were forced to pay when sending products to the United States and to open up the region to our goods and services.

Why wouldn't we want that to happen?

We've heard that some countries in Central America could suffer because farmers in the region are not as sophisticated as America's corporate farmers and they will not be able to compete. Competition breeds competition and farmers in Latin American countries will rethink their crop production to provide produce American farmers cannot.

Free trade should be synonymous with capitalism, and opening the market to democratic countries will only serve to make both the United States and the Latin American countries stronger.

When overseas outsourcing was first introduced, there was outrage because of the number of American jobs that went out the door because someone somewhere else was able to perform the same service at a lesser rate. That's the basis of capitalism, competition, and at its core, the survival of the fittest.

The devastation first thought to be just around the corner when the North American Free Trade Agreement first passed simply has not materialized.

"None of the dire events predicted by NAFTA opponents in the United States actually came to pass," according to "NAFTA's effects on North American Economic Development: A United State Perspective," by Joseph A. McKinney of Baylor University, who also stated in his findings that accurately assessing the effects of the trade agreement is a difficult task.

Our country was born and raised on capitalism. Competition through free trade controls price and production. That's why we fight so hard against monopolies.

President Bush did the right thing pushing CAFTA through Congress.

Let the competition begin.

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