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Former Economics Student to Speak About Capital Punishment Oct. 21

Oct. 4, 2004

Joanna Mehlhop Shepherd (Baylor Outstanding Economics Major, 1997) is returning to Baylor to present at the next Economic Research Seminar on Thursday, October 21, at 3:30pm (location TBA). Joanna received her PhD in Economics from Emory University and now has a joint appointment in the Emory Law School and Economics department.

Her talk, "Deterrence Versus Brutalization: Capital Punishment's Differing Impact Among States." You may access the paper at:

Shepherd has gotten quite a bit of national attention for her research in this area. She has testified before the U.S. Congress on capital punishment issues. This particular paper shows that for capital punishment to deter murder and other crime, a state must exceed a certain threshold in the number of executions. Her results reconcile some conflicting claims about capital punishment in the Economics and Sociology literatures.

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