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Sept. 7, 2004

David VanHoose, Professor of Economics and Herman W. Lay Professor of Private Enterprise, was appointed as an editor at the Journal of Economics and Business, beginning September 2004.

Nancy Upton, Striech Professor of Family Business Management, presented at three conferences this summer. She delivered the keynote speech to 2000 at a June conference in Fiji, "The Importance of Entrepreneurship to Emerging Economies"; presented "Best Practices of Family Business Teaching" to the Academy Of Management, New Orleans, and presented "Firm performance and employee empowerment: A comparative analysis of male and female business owners" with J. Young at the same meeting.

Dawn Carlson, Associate Professor of Management, presented the following three papers at the Academy of Management Meetings, New Orleans, LA: "Measuring the Positive Side of the Work-Family Interface: Development and Validation of a Work-Family Facilitation Scale" (with K.M. Kacmar, J.H. Wayne, & J.G. Gryzwacz); "Perception vs. reality: Which matters most in LMX agreement?" (with K. Harris, K.M. Kacmar, & S. Zivnuska); and "When is work-family conflict related to job performance?" (with A. Witt).

Mitchell Neubert, Assistant Professor of Management and H.R. Gibson Chair in Management Development, has recently earned acceptance of his article, "Attributions in Teams" (with co-author Simon Taggar) following their research on the personality composition of teams and the impact it has on team behaviors and performance. The article will appear in Personnel


Mitchell Neubert participated this summer on a panel of experts at the Academy of Management meetings in New Orleans. The panel's topic was commitment in organizations. His contribution related to discussing commitment to change and how to create "actionable knowledge" from research on commitment.

Jim Roberts, Associate Professor of Marketing, was quoted in the two-part series "King Kong debt meets middle-class life" in the August 16 edition of the Christian Science Monitor.

Robin Wakefield, Assistant Professor of ISY, published two articles in the July issue of the CPA Journal : "Computer Monitoring and Surveillance: Balancing Privacy with Security" and "Network Security and Password Policies".

Robin Wakefield presented "The AIS Expectation Gap," at Americas Conference for Information Systems, August 5-8, 2004, NYC, New York, and "The Machiavellian Nature of Accountants," at the Research Forum of the American Accounting Association Annual Conference, August 7-11, 2004, Orlando, Florida.

Dwayne Whitten, Visiting Assistant Professor of Information Systems, presented "Investigating the Factors Impacting the Decision to Discontinuation an Application Development Outsourcing Contract" at the Americas Conference

on Information Systems (AMCIS) in New York City on August 7.

Dwayne Whitten's manuscript entitled "Impact of Relational Differences on Supervisor/Subordinate Dyad," was accepted for

publication in Industrial Management and Data Systems.Co-authors are Ken Green and Bobby Medlin of Henderson State University.

Dwayne Whitten and Robin Wakefield recently had a manuscript entitled "Examining User Perceptions of Third Party Organization Credibility and Trust in an E-Retailer" recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Organizational and End User Computing.

Kent Gilbreath, Professor of Economics , was quoted in "Sales Tax Revenue Continues To Increase" in Daily Court Review, August 9.

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