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Divorce Can Trigger Adolescent and Teen Compulsive Buying, Say Researchers

Nov. 24, 2003

Adolescents and teens with divorced parents could be prime candidates for the "affliction" known as compulsive buying, according to marketing professors Jim Roberts and John F. (Jeff) Tanner of Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business and Chris Manolis of Xavier University.

"There is a definite correlation," asserts Roberts. "Divorce impacts teen shopping behavior."

Based on a study of 900 adolescents and teens, the researchers assert that the disruption resulting from divorce - which may include an increase in stress, loss of income, change of household and less quality time with parents - can cause adolescents and teens to develop an addiction to compulsive buying.

Roberts suggests that compulsive buying may be a coping mechanism for adolescents and teens during difficult life transitions.


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