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Baylor MBA Students Take Top Spot in Case Competition

March 7, 2003

Case_Comp_Team.jpgAlthough they were up against formidable competitors, Baylor MBA candidates Travis Gunter, Juan Silvera, Paul Faya and Ramona DeSantis came out as the winning team in the Southwest Regional MBA Case Competition last weekend.

"The competition was very tough," said Faya, from Ottawa, Canada. "Some of the top business schools in the Big 12 participated, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Tulsa, TCU, and Oklahoma St."

"I tested myself, put myself outside my comfort zone and gave everything I had to bring the gold home," said Silvera, from Panama City, Panama.  "I honestly felt very prepared for the task."

Faya also felt confident.  "I think that the curriculum at the Baylor MBA program prepared us well for the competition," he said. "Not only were we able to apply several business principles and tools to the analysis of the case, but also the Focus Firm Competition that we take part in at the beginning of every semester prepared us well to work in a high-pressure environment."

The competition took place at Oklahoma University's Michael F. Price College of Business in Norman, Oklahoma.

Faya added, "I feel that the Baylor MBA program did a great job at equipping us with the practical tools as well as the conceptual frameworks necessary to identify and understand business problems and also to justify solutions with analytical evidence. That is really what set us apart from the other teams."



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