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Baylor Executive MBA Program Expanding to Austin

Nov. 27, 2002

 Aiming to double Austin-Waco enrollment within two years

In a move to better serve its growing number of Austin-based students, Baylor University is expanding its 11-year-old Waco Executive MBA (EMBA) program to include an Austin location. The change is expected to result in a two-fold increase in enrollment for the program over the next two years.

The EMBA program has attracted increasing numbers of Austin and Travis County residents, who this year comprise 55 percent of the enrollees. Beginning next fall, Monday and Thursday evening classes will be conducted on an alternating basis at Baylor's Waco campus and at Motorola University on West Parmer Lane in Austin. Internet-based distance learning will comprise 25 percent of the 21-month curriculum, which is designed for people already engaged in full-time business careers.

Phil Sanchez, director of Executive Education, believes that its momentum is largely attributable to Baylor's flexibility in accommodating the needs of students and their employers who sponsor their education.

"We recognize the needs of our customers," said Sanchez. "We listen carefully, and we respond accordingly. As an example, we even provide transportation by coach for Austin students to and from classes in Waco to eliminate the strain of driving. An organized study group makes their time aboard the coach productive."

The fees of about 85 percent of students in the EMBA program are entirely or partially underwritten by their employers. That's nearly double the norm for sponsorship experienced by other business schools -- a reflection of Baylor's reputation for congruence with the needs of business.

Sanchez is encouraged that many companies are rediscovering the value of grooming talent from within their own ranks, as companies once did routinely. 

"Companies want to resurrect the principle of loyalty that made the blue chips what they were when they were blue chips," Sanchez observed. "So they have an incentive to help their brightest employees develop a career path that includes an MBA."

Until now, the Waco EMBA program has been limited to 32 students, but the addition of the Austin component will enable enrollment to expand to 60 students by 2004. The EMBA program has dedicated 14 faculty members to teach in Austin and Waco. The school accepts and evaluates enrollment applications throughout the year.

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