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Hankamer Launches Undergraduate Research Assistant Program

Jan. 13, 2022

Dean Sandeep Mazumder announced a new initiative at the Hankamer School of Business that allows undergraduate students to assist professors as they conduct their research. The creation of the Undergraduate Research Assistant (UGRA) program will further the dean's priority of positioning the Business School as a top-tier research institution.

"We can improve the amount of faculty-undergraduate research collaboration that is occurring here at Hankamer," Mazumder, the William E. Crenshaw Endowed Dean at the Business School, said. "It is a win for the faculty member, since it allows them more time to work on other aspects of their research. It is also a win for the student with the experience they develop through the process."

Students in the UGRA program will work on projects that provide opportunities to learn about various research methodologies, data collection techniques and analytical software. When it comes to soft skills, the experience also will sharpen their communication skills related to interacting with participants and research-active professors.

"My work is more of a partnership with the students," Information Systems and Business Analytics Clinical Assistant Professor Shaun Eide said. "They have the capacity to make meaningful contributions to research given the opportunity."

A paid opportunity, the UGRA program introduces students to new areas of academia while furthering HSB's mission of cultivating leaders through transformational learning and exposure to impactful research.

"Undergraduate students are a key part of our aspirations to achieve Tier 1 status as a newly-classified R1 university," Department of Management Chair Emily Hunter said. "We need to involve more Hankamer students in ongoing research to benefit both the research efforts and the students."

Faculty members can apply for a UGRA by providing a one-page description of specific research projects, including expected outcomes, the Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Sandi Stuit ( To nominate a specific student, include their email, major and Baylor ID.

Business student qualifications include a minimum GPA of 3.25, completion of FAFSA and availability of 10 hours a week. For more information on the position and how to apply, click the following link:

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