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Watch Dean Mazumder’s Conversation with Business Students

Sept. 29, 2021

Sandeep Mazumder, the William E. Crenshaw Endowed Dean of the Hankamer School of Business, hosted students from the Business School for a series of questions on Sept. 6. The panel served as one of the first opportunities Mazumder had to visit with students since becoming dean in July.

"We have so many interesting things and challenges that await us here at Hankamer," Mazumder said. "It really is a team effort. A huge part of that is the students: What exactly is the experience that you all are going through and what is the future that you would like for yourselves and the future students coming after you."

Topics included Mazumder's transition from Wake Forest University to Baylor, how his faith impacts his role as dean and how the Business School can contribute to Baylor's push for R1/T1 status.

Students invited to the panel include:

  • Sophia Caballero—Junior, Supply Chain Management
  • Emma Focarile—Senior, Accounting
  • Gabe Jensen—Sophomore, Pre-Business
  • Alex LeFave—Full-Time MBA
  • Paige McClelland—Senior, Professional Selling
  • Armando Ramirez—Freshman, Hankamer Scholars
  • Daniel Tincopa—Senior, Accounting

Click here to watch the full Q&A panel.

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