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Former Mafia Boss to Speak About Business Corruption

Jan. 12, 2005

Former Mafia boss, Michael Franzese, will speak to Baylor University students January 17 and 18 at the Hankamer School of Business. He will meet with students in Business classes and will also speak at the Sports Marketing Club to discuss sports gambling and business corruption.

"Mr. Fanzese' story is powerful and instructive," said Terry Maness, dean. "His insights will be valuable for our students in reinforcing the consequences of unethical behavior in business."

Franzese was alternately referred to by the media and members of law enforcement as the New York Mob's "Long Island Don" and "The Prince of the Mafia." At the height of his mob activity, he was the youngest individual on Fortune magazine's survey of "The Fifty Biggest Mafia Bosses."

Franzese avoided the traditional Mafia domains in favor of the enormously lucrative edges of the legitimate business world, but is now determined to use his compelling personal experiences in organized crime to share powerful anti-crime messages and eye opening revelations.

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