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Business School Recognizes Outstanding Faculty

May 14, 2020

Faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and contributions to the Hankamer School of Business in fulfilling the HSB mission. Decided upon by committees of peers, these awards are representative of the many outstanding contributions provided by faculty. Faculty awards for the 19/20 school year were announced by Dr. Mitchell Neubert, associate dean for faculty research and development. Recipients receive a plaque, funds to further their development or research, and recognition at the fall faculty and staff meeting. 

Awards included the following:

  • Distinguished Professor Award - Allen Seward (FIRE).  This award recognizes a faculty member who has a distinguished record of demonstrating excellence in teaching, research, and service to the department, college, university and profession.  Dr. Seward has a distinguished record that includes notable contributions in formulating and leading a Baylor Business Fellows program that has had a profound impact on students and Hankamer.

Delivering transformation learning and cultivating the development of principled leaders is central to our mission.  The following awards, including our new Robin and Mark Howard Early Career Teaching Award, recognize faculty for excellence in and beyond the classroom serving students.

  • Teaching Excellence Award (Tenured) – Gina Green (ISY)
  • Teaching Excellence Award (Non-tenure track) – David Reid (ACCT)
  • Robin and Mark Howard Early Career Teaching Award  (Tenure-track or non-tenure track) – Don Carpenter (ACCT)

Impactful scholarship contributes to serving the global marketplace and is increasingly important as Hankamer endeavors to fulfill our shared aspiration to be an internationally recognized Christian research university.  The following research awards recognize these contributions.

  • Habicht Early Career Research Award (Tenure-track) – Matt Quade (MGT)
  • Robert and Robin Nitsche Outstanding Research Award – Matt Wood (ENT)
  • Robert and Robin Nitsche Outstanding Research Award – Dorothy Leidner (ISY)
  • Research Advancement Award – Dawn Carlson (MGT). This new award recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates individual research excellence and contributions to developing a research culture in Hankamer through mentoring junior faculty or PhD students, providing leadership in securing significant external grant funding involving colleagues, or engaging in other notable activities that advance research across the college. Dr. Carlson has a rich history of mentoring junior faculty and collectively producing impactful scholarship.

In addition to the annual Hankamer Awards, I am proud to echo the announcement of these University Awards for Hankamer faculty:

  • Andrea Dixon (MKT) was announced this spring as the winner of the prestigious Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year Award for making a superlative contribution to the learning environment at Baylor.
  • Emily Hunter (MGT) was announced this spring by the University Awards Committee as a 2020 winner of the University Scholarship Award.
  • Pedro Reyes (MGT) was selected as a 2020 recipient of the Elizabeth Vardaman Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates 

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