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From Indonesia to Waco to the World: MBA Student Seeks to Pursue Work as Worship

Jan. 29, 2020

Chelsea Lin Photograph

By Caroline Mitchell

Worship is not confined within the four walls of a church on Sunday morning and work can be more than a means of making money. Chelsea Lin chooses each day to bring worship into every aspect of her life, including work and school.

Lin has had the opportunity to do this both through her time at Baylor as an MBA/MSIS dual degree student and in her community in Indonesia. Lin is from Indonesia where she completed an undergrad degree in accounting. When she started her accounting internship, she realized she wanted to pursue a path within accounting where she could impact her community.

After realizing she wanted to do more for her community, Lin joined a fundraising campaign to support Jakarta’s first Chinese-Christian governor. Once the campaign ended, Lin turned her attention to the healthcare industry. She visited numerous hospitals where her eyes were opened to the needs around her.

“Sometimes you think that this is the world around you until you see there is so much you didn’t know,” Lin said. “I realized there is so much I didn’t know and wanted to keep learning.”

This realization led Lin to her decision to pursue her MBA. She says business knowledge is important for almost anything, including nonprofit work. Lin met a friend at her church in Indonesia who graduated from Baylor’s MBA program and encouraged her to consider Baylor. Lin’s first visit to the United States was last year when she enrolled at Baylor.

One of the ways Lin uses work as a worship is through volunteering as a Business Plan Advisor at Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP). PEP is a prison ministry that helps inmates launch business programs and equips them with necessary skills that will prepare them for life after release. Lin said her team’s goal is to motivate the inmates and assure them they deserve second chances.

“They are really transformed people,” Lin said. “I thought I could teach them something, but I have learned so much more from them.”

Lin said seeing people serve others motivates her to think about what more she can do with her life. She traveled on the Baylor UK mission trip “Business as Missions” where the team used business consulting skills to help a church coffee shop become sustainable.

Lin will graduate in May and will move to Dallas to work for Weaver accounting. She says she feels very blessed for this opportunity and for Baylor for preparing her to enter this position.

Lin encourages others to take any opportunities Baylor offers.

“Academics are important at Baylor, but more than that, the time you spend here is important and should be made meaningful,” Lin said. “This is the time where you can build relationships and learn as much as you want.”

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