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Great Ideas Start from Student Incubator

Jan. 28, 2020

By Gib Reynolds, Jr.

The 1846 Baylor Student Incubator falls under the leadership and direction of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation with the intended purpose of supporting Baylor student startup businesses. The incubator namesake pays homage to the opportunities and excitement of the founders and students of Baylor’s inaugural class in 1846.

The purpose of a business incubator is to take in high-potential, early-stage opportunities and surround the students with mentorship and support to successfully navigate the first months and years of existence. Starting a company as a full-time student is never easy, but access to key resources that compliment the classroom education can provide a unique opportunity to practice what is being learned in real-time with experienced mentors.

At the beginning of the fall 2019 semester, four active student startup companies were operating out of the incubator. The product and/or company ideas that originate from the student founders either solve needs the students have personally experienced or focus on markets and opportunities the students have recognized. All of the student ventures are incorporated, continually garnering customer feedback, generating revenue and, in some cases, are on track to provide meaningful employment opportunities for the student founders. While not mandatory, the ongoing trend with the student ventures is to continue operation upon graduation, with the majority on track to provide equal or greater income for the founding team when compared to traditional starting salaries of recent graduates.

By providing a platform for aspiring student entrepreneurs to explore ideas, safely test assumptions within the confines of the university and local ecosystem and get continual feedback from both academic partners and experienced entrepreneurs, the Department of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation is actively supporting the dreams and aspirations of the next generation of high-impact founders who are hoping to shape the world of tomorrow.

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