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Baylor University Partners with Barron’s in Education

April 30, 2019

By Caroline Mitchell

Baylor University has partnered with Barron’s in Education to provide Barron’s digital access for all students, faculty and staff at the University. Thomas McBride and the Crockett, McBride and Associates Team at Merrill Lynch have generously sponsored a two-year subscription to Barron’s to provide access to the award-winning news, insight, perspective and commentary.

McBride is a prominent Wealth Management Advisor with Merrill Lynch in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. According to McBride, “My wife, Laura, and I were inspired to give this gift to Baylor students and faculty because our family had such a great experience at the school. Our son, Luke, graduated in 2017 and he really enjoyed all aspects of his time at Baylor. We, as parents, liked not only the extracurricular events, and seeing friends and Baylor alums, but also meeting all of the great quality students there.

"I think Barron’s will benefit the faculty and students because of the in-depth analysis that they provide on companies and the financial markets. I read Barron’s each week and it provides insight that helps me as I advise our clients. The Barron’s in Education program is designed to aid in the development of the next generation of business leaders and this is very important to both Laura and me.”

Barron’s is known as “America’s premier financial magazine” and covers US finances, markets and statistics. According to the Barron’s website, Barron’s in Education was created when Barron’s saw a need for high school and college students to be more financially educated and be “more proficient in understanding credit card debt, college loans, 401(k) retirement plans, global capital markets, investment options, diversification, asset allocation, mortgages and stock options.” The goal is to provide all students and faculty in universities with a tool which will aid in cultivating greater financial literacy and proficiency.

“Barron’s can help all students learn more about mutual funds for when they graduate and begin investing in their 401K plan at work,” Shane Underwood, Associate Professor of Finance in the Hankamer School of Business, said. “Barron’s can introduce students to this financial world and help them think about how they can make better choices when picking mutual funds.”

Barron’s in Education offers highlighted material each week with articles and events they believe professors and students can discuss in class. Underwood says he recently shared an article with his class from Barron’s regarding different funds they were discussing in class as well as different approaches the class was using. He says it was a great article summarizing a topic they were talking about in class.

“I think the real benefit is seeing application of topics that students are learning in class,” Underwood said.

Baylor students, faculty and staff can utilize their free digital access to Barron’s in Education at the following link:

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