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Certificate Program in Energy Commerce Prepares Students for Careers in Energy Industry

July 24, 2018

Energy Commerce

By Ally Peters

Undergraduate students may obtain a Certificate in Energy Commerce in addition to the BBA degree from the Hankamer School of Business. This program was developed to prepare students for careers in the energy industry.

The Certificate Program in Energy Commerce provides opportunities for students to learn the vocabulary and practices of the industry, visit facilities on field trips, and complete an energy-related capstone project. The goal is that at the completion of the program, the knowledge and experiences gained by these students will provide them with an advantage over competitors for jobs in the energy sector.

“Energy is a very important part of the Texas economy,” said Steve Green, the director of the program. “Lots of good jobs and careers are linked directly or indirectly to the industry.”

Students can apply for the program after completing BUS 1201 and GEO 1406 with a minimum grade of “B” and a minimum 3.0 GPA. After acceptance, students will take courses in Geology, Business, and Economics to provide an overview of the energy industry.

One of the students pursuing this certificate is Amanda Lang, a senior Accounting and Finance major. She said that the courses in this program have benefitted her by teaching her both the technical knowledge and the business perspective of the energy field.

“If you have any interest in working in the oil and gas industry, I would absolutely recommend the Energy Commerce Certificate Program,” said Lang. “It provides a leg up because it shows you have knowledge and interest in the industry.”

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