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Student Brings Social Media to Historic New York Community Center

June 29, 2018


Reggie Singletary with Dr. Jim Bostic, executive director of Nepperhan Community Center

By Ally Peters

In Fall 2017, during his Advertising Procedures class, senior Reginald Singletary and his team presented a marketing plan to their client, Nepperhan Community Center, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting children and families. In December, Singletary was shocked to receive a message that the Executive Director of NCC, Dr. Jim Bostic, had offered to fly Singletary out to New York to implement his social media plan for the nonprofit.

Singletary spent two days in June in Yonkers, New York showing NCC how to be intentional with their marketing strategy. A key point in Singletary’s presentation compared different social media platforms to parts of the human body. He explained to the Nepperhan team how Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram can represent respectively the face, the voice, the hands and the eyes of a nonprofit.

“The purpose was to take Nepperhan from where it is in New York, bring it digitally, and humanize it to where people would be able to connect with it all over the world and see the great work they do,” said Singletary.

One of Singletary’s objectives was to get the youth involved in social media. He said many students are unaware of the influence social media can have on a community. Singletary is hoping NCC will use this opportunity to allow youth who have been impacted by Nepperhan to learn how to use social media in a beneficial way.

“The goal is for other kids to get to learn about social media and really have their own voice inside Nepperhan and represent the Nepperhan Community,” said Singletary.

Nepperhan Community Center is a nonprofit organization that has supported Yonkers for 80 years, and has additional locations in New York, New Jersey, Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It offers services such as youth afterschool programs, counseling sessions, health and nutrition classes, and career planning to empower children and families.

More information is available at the Nepperhan Community Center Website:

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