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Baylor Holds 2nd Annual Negotiation Competition

May 16, 2017

By Dresden Hale

Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business held the second annual Baylor Business Negotiation Competition on April 1, 2017.

The competition focuses on building negotiating skills among future business leaders. Student teams compete against each other in realistic business negotiation role-plays and receive feedback from professional business judges.

“We thought it was a great way to see how Baylor students would stack up against other students nationwide, but primarily we recognized a way to encourage negotiation by sharing this experience with other students and faculty from many other Universities,” said Darren Frame.

Teams from universities traveled across the nation to participate in the only negotiation competition in the U.S. specifically for undergraduate business majors. The goals are to facilitate learning, emphasize negotiation skills, and build self-confidence by connecting students from participating universities as well as business professionals and negotiation experts.

The creators of this competition are Darren Frame, clinical assistant professor, and Emily Hunter, associate professor in the Department of Management.

The first place team was Greg Guggenmos and Anne Gilleland from Southern Methodist University. First place won $500 to be split evenly between the two students and a $200 honorarium to the faculty coach.

The second place team was Andrew Glantz and Kevin Pung from Washington University in St. Louis. Second place won $300 to be split evenly between the two students and a $100 honorarium to the faculty coach.

Other universities that competed included the University of Connecticut, University of Arizona, University of Central Oklahoma, Texas Christian University, and Baylor University.

“The Baylor Business Negotiation Competition was a great opportunity for our students to test their skill against others in a real-world setting. Simulating business situations is one of the most valuable experiences a student can have, and one of the most effective ways of training them to succeed once they begin their career,” said Steven Denson, the faculty coach of the winning SMU team.

Students from each team were able to walk away from the competition with a much better understanding of how negotiations actually work outside of the classroom. The students gained invaluable experience and networking opportunities from this unique event.

“Students get a chance to further their skills in negotiation in a pressurized environment and against other excellent negotiators. For some students this was just a chance to get some further practice negotiating. For some, it was a chance to take their abilities to a higher level,” said Frame.

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