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Baylor MBA Candidates Partner with Zambian Students for Business Consulting

July 21, 2015

Baylor University MBA candidates and Northrise University undergraduate students teamed up in June for the annual African Global Initiative course in Ndola, Zambia. The seven Baylor Business students and twelve Northrise students formed five teams to work for three local businesses on projects involving human resources, entrepreneurship, pricing structures and marketing campaigns.

“It has been a pleasure to work so closely with students on the other side of the world,” MBA Candidate J.D. Newman said. “The learning that took place during this class cannot be imitated or transferred through textbooks, it is something that can only be attained by experiencing it firsthand.”

The Africa Global Initiative is a collaborative learning environment that gives students the chance to work with a real company in an emerging country.

By working and learning together, Baylor and Northrise students open themselves to alternative views, examine situations from a different perspective and may experience transformations in their thinking, according to Van Gray, Baylor Management professor, director of strategic planning and accreditation, and associate director of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership & Service.

“It has been a very wonderful experience for me to be in class with the Baylor students,” Northrise University student Chisenga Sankondo said.

The students worked together in Zambia for two weeks of the 10-week course. Upon returning to the U.S., the Baylor students continue working with their Northrise teammates using various means of communication. At the end of July, the teams will connect electronically to present their findings to each company in Zambia.

“I really enjoyed the Baylor/Northrise class of management,” Northrise student Xavier Musaba said. “This has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about our industries, as well as it was an eye-opener on certain aspects of the local industries.”

Baylor University partnered with Northrise in 2013. Founded in 2004, Northrise University was the first official private university in Zambia. It is dedicated to equipping men and women to work in ministry and business to contribute to the spiritual and economic transformation of Zambia.

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