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Students Majoring in Professional Selling Have "Eyes Opened" Through Summer Internship

July 10, 2012

LAMAT Group - ProSales

Many companies task their summer interns with menial and mundane busywork, making for an insignificant summer internship experience.  Baylor’s Professional Selling students, though, step into real-world job scenarios and make an impact for their employers through meaningful work and exciting learning opportunities.

Earlier this spring, ProSales senior Joanna Murrieta was selected to participate in 3M’s prestigious Frontline Sales summer internship program. One of only 28 students chosen for this national program, Murrieta was assigned to 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division (AAD) at the Fortune 500 company’s headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Murrieta has already been exposed to several significant learning opportunities in 3M’s AAD.  One of her main assignments has been to help segment the U.S. auto body shop industry, with a particular emphasis on understanding the U.S. Hispanic market.  Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Murrieta has leveraged her Hispanic heritage and her sales training at Baylor to help 3M uncover relevant insights about this growing market.  She was also selected to participate in the company’s annual Latin American Leadership (LAMAT) Workshop.

The LAMAT, which took place from June 18-22 in St. Paul, featured 3M business leaders from more than ten Latin American countries including Argentina, Venezuela, Brazi, and Colombia. 

Country representatives and executives participated in five days of activities, sharing best practices, discussing global marketing strategies and engaging in hands-on demonstrations of 3M’s AAD products.  Participants also had the opportunity to meet and hear from Chip Foose, owner and chief designer of Foose Design and star of the television show Overhaulin’.  Foose is 3M’s global representative for Automotive Aftermarket product solutions and is leveraged in many national and international marketing campaigns.

“This has been an incredible experience so far,” said Murrieta.  “Everything I do in my internship is preparing me for the rest of my career.”

In addition to being selected to attend the LAMAT workshop, Murrieta has been given the opportunity to engage in market research with end-users of 3M’s AAD products. She has conducted research in Los Angeles, Calif. and will travel to New York City, N.Y. later this month for more first-hand interviews.

When asked to share her main takeaways from working at 3M this summer, Murrieta was quick to provide even more insight into the value of her internship experience.

“My eyes have been opened,” remarked Murrieta.  “I have met and networked with so many incredible people at 3M.  I learn something valuable each day and I see why so many people stay with 3M for their entire career.”

With eyes opened wide, Murrieta will wrap-up her internship in August and will come back to Waco for her final semester at Baylor before graduating in December.

Professional Selling seniors Bryan Baker, Madeline Giering and Taylor Morrison also represent Baylor in 3M’s Frontline Sales internship program this summer.  Baylor’s Professional Selling program has a rich partnership with 3M and has had numerous students intern with and work for the Fortune 500 company.

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